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Shape Reconstruction

Reconstructing B-spline Curves from Point Clouds -- A New Growing Approach
Yang Liu, Huaiping Yang, Wenping Wang
Smooth Adaptive Fitting of 3D models using hierarchical triangular splines
Alex Yvart, Stefanie Hahmann, Georges-Pierre Bonneau
Visualization of Point-Based Surfaces with Locally Reconstructed Subdivision Surfaces
Tamy Boubekeur, Patrick Reuter, Christophe Schlick
Convection-Driven Dynamic Surface Reconstruction
Remi Allegre, Raphaelle Chaine, Samir Akkouche

Subdivision Surfaces

Remeshing Schemes for Semi-Regular Tilings
Ergun Akleman, Vinod Srinivasan, Esan Mandal
An Accurate Error Measure for Adaptive Subdivision Surfaces
Xiaobin Wu, Jorg Peters

Shape Modeling and Design

Mesh Editing with an Embedded Network of Curves
Wan Chiu Li, Bruno Levy, Jean-Claude Paul
Minimal-Cut Model Composition
Tal Hassner, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, George Leifman, Ronen Basri
Rational Spherical Splines For Genus Zero Shape Modeling
Ying He, Xianfeng Gu, Hong Qin

Implicit Surfaces

Anisotropic Meshing of Implicit Surfaces
Sergei Azernikov, Anath Fischer
Interactive Implicit Modeling With Hierarchical Spatial Caching
Ryan Schmidt, Brian Wyvill, Eric Galin
A Programmable Particle System Framework For Shape Modeling
Wen Su, John Hart
Robust Particle Systems for Curvature Dependent Sampling of Implicit Surfaces
Miriah Meyer, Pierre Georgel, Ross Whitaker

Physically-based Modeling

Subdomain Aware Contour Trees and Contour Evolution in Time-Dependent Scalar Fields
Andrzej Szymczak
Design and Manipulation of Polygonal Models in a Haptic, Stereoscopic Virtual Environment
Jing Hua, Ye Duan, Hong Qin
Predicting AE attenuation with solids by Geometric Analysis
Theo Lim, Pornchai Niversrangsan, Jonathan Corney, John Steel, Robert Reuben

Geometry Synthesis

Stochastic Microgeometry for Displacement Mapping
Craig Schroeder, David Breen, Christopher Cera, William Regli
Geometry Synthesis by Example (TR)
Ares Lagae, Olivier Dumont, Philip Dutre
Real Time L-System Generated Trees Based on Modern Graphics Hardware
Xavier Baele, Nadine Warzee

Shape Analysis and Processing I

Two-Dimensional Visibility Charts for Continuous Curves
Ralph Martin, Gershon Elber, Robert Sayegh, Gill Barquet
Contouring 1- and 2-Manifolds in Arbitrary Dimensions
Joon-Kyung Seong, Gershon Elber, Myung-Soo Kim
A Tracing Algorithm for Constructing Medial Axis Transform of 3D Objects Bound by Free-Form Surfaces
Ramanathan M., Gurumoorthy B

Shape Analysis and Processing II

Feature Sensitive Mesh Segmentation with Mean Shift
Hitoshi Yamauchi, Seungyong Lee, Yunjin Lee, Yutaka Ohtake, Alexander Belyaev, Hans-Peter Seidel
Curvature Maps For Local Shape Comparison
Timothy Gatzke, Cindy Grimm, Michael Garland, Steve Zelinka

Mesh Parametrization

Practical Spherical Embedding of Manifold Triangle Meshes
Shadi Saba, Irad yavneh, Craig Gotsman, Alla Sheffer
Free-Boundary Linear Parameterization of 3D Meshes in the Presence of Constraints
Zachi Karni , Craig Gotsman, Steven J. Gortler
Discrete Tensorial Quasi-Harmonic Maps
Rhaleb Zayer, Christian Roessl, Hans-Peter Seidel

Topological Modeling of Shapes

Epsilon-Regular Sets and Intervals
Jianchang Qi, Vadim Shapiro
Computational Topology for Reconstruction of Surfaces with Boundary: Integrating Experiments and Theory
Kinetsu Abe, Justin Bisceglio, Thomas Peters, Alexander Russell, David Ferguson
Maximizing adaptivity in hierarchical topological models
Peer-Timo Bremer, Valerio Pascucci, Bernd Hamann

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