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ACM Digital Library: ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) Volume 27 , Issue 5 (December 2008) Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2008

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Shape Modelling

Single Image Tree Modeling ACM DOI Author version
Ping Tan (National University of Singapore), Tian Fang, Jianxiong Xiao, Peng Zhao, Long Quan (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Sketch-Based Tree Modelling Using Markov Random Field ACM DOI Author version
Xuejin Chen (University of Science and Technology of China), Boris Neubert (University of Konstanz), Ying-Qing Xu (Microsoft Research Asia), Oliver Deussen (University of Konstanz), Sing Bing Kang (Microsoft Research)
Space-time Surface Reconstruction Using Incompressible Flow ACM DOI Project
Andrei Sharf, Dan A. Alcantara (University of California at Davis), Thomas Lewiner (PUC - Rio de Janeiro), Chen Greif, Alla Sheffer (University of British Columbia), Nina Amenta (University of California at Davis), Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University)
Non-homogeneous Resizing of Complex Models ACM DOI Project
Vladislav Kraevoy, Alla Sheffer (University of British Columbia), Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University), Ariel Shamir (The Interdisciplinary Center)

Character Animation I

Animating Responsive Characters with Dynamic Constraints in Near-Unactuated Coordinates ACM DOI Project
Yuting Ye, C. Karen Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Synthesis of Constrained Walking Skills ACM DOI Project
Stelian Coros, Philippe Beaudoin, KangKang Yin, Michiel van de Panne (University of British Columbia)
Interaction Patches for Multi-Character Animation ACM DOI Project
Hubert P.H. Shum, Taku Komura (University of Edinburgh), Masashi Shiraishi (Waseda University), Shuntaro Yamazaki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Motion Overview of Human Actions ACM DOI Project
Jackie Assa, Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University), I-Cheng Yeh, Tong-Yee Lee (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
Mesh Ensemble Motion Graphs: Data-Driven Mesh Animation With Constraints ACM DOI Project
Doug L. James (Cornell University), Christopher D. Twigg, Andrew A. Cove, Robert Y. Wang (Carnegie Mellon University)
(Published in: ACM Transactions on Graphics 26(4), October 2007)

Fun With Single Images

Deep Photo: Model-Based Photograph Enhancement and Viewing ACM DOI Project
Johannes Kopf, Boris Neubert (Universitšt Konstanz), Billy Chen (Virtual Earth), Michael Cohen (Microsoft Research), Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University), Oliver Deussen (Universitšt Konstanz), Matt Uyttendaele (Microsoft Research), Dani Lischinski (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Animating Animal Motion from Still ACM DOI Project
Xuemiao Xu, (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Liang Wan, (Chinese University of Hong Kong/City University of Hong Kong), Xiaopei Liu, Tien-Tsin Wong (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Liansheng Wang, Chi-Sing Leung, (City University of Hong Kong)
Optimized Scale-and-Stretch for Image Resizing ACM DOI Project
Yu-Shuen Wang (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan), Chiew-Lan Tai (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology), Olga Sorkine (New York University), Tong-Yee Lee (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
Interactive Normal Reconstruction from a Single Image ACM DOI Author version
Tai-Pang Wu, Jian Sun (Microsoft Research Asia) Chi-Keung Tang (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Heung-Yeung Shum (Microsoft)
Depicting Procedural Caustics in Single Images ACM DOI Author version
Diego Gutierrez, Jorge Lopez-Moreno, Jorge Fandos, Francisco J. Seron, Maria P. Sanchez (Universidad de Zaragoza), Erik Reinhard (University of Bristol)

Character Animation II

Facial Performance Synthesis using Deformation-Driven Polynomial Displacement Maps ACM DOI Project
Wan-Chun Ma (National Taiwan University/University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies), Andrew Jones (University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies), Jen-Yuan Chiang (National Taiwan University), Tim Hawkins, Sune Frederiksen, Pieter Peers, (University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies), Marko Vukovic (Sony Pictures Imageworks), Ming Ouhyoung (National Taiwan University), Paul Debevec (University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies)
Reusable Skinning Templates Using Cage-based Deformations ACM DOI Author version
Tao Ju (Washington University in St. Louis), Qian-Yi Zhou (University of Southern California), Michiel van de Panne (University of British Columbia), Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University), Ulrich Neumann (University of Southern California)
Accelerometer-based User Interfaces for the Control of a Physically Simulated Character ACM DOI Project
Takaaki Shiratori, Jessica K. Hodgins (Carnegie Mellon University)
Video Puppetry: A Performative Interface for Cutout Animation ACM DOI Project
Connelly Barnes, David E. Jacobs, Jason Sanders, (Princeton University), Dan Goldman (Adobe), Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Adam Finkelstein (Princeton University), Maneesh Agrawala (University of California, Berkeley)
Laughing Out Loud: Control for Modeling Anatomically Inspired Laughter using Audio ACM DOI Project
Paul C. DiLorenzo, Victor Zordan, Ben Sanders (University of California, Riverside)

Lighting, Shading, and GPUs

Real-Time KD-Tree Construction on Graphics Hardware ACM DOI Author version
Kun Zhou (Zhejiang University), Qiming Hou (Tsinghua University), Rui Wang (Zhejiang University), Baining Guo (Microsoft Research Asia)
Automated Reprojection-Based Pixel Shader Optimization ACM DOI Author version
Pitchaya Sitthi-amorn, Jason Lawrence (University of Virginia), Yang Lei, Pedro V. Sander (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Diego Nehab (Microsoft Research), Jiahe Xi (Zhejiang University),
Fast, Realistic Lighting and Material Design using Nonlinear Cut Approximation ACM DOI Author version
Ewen Cheslack-Postava (Stanford University), Rui Wang, Oskar Akerlund (University of Massachusetts), Fabio Pellacini (Dartmouth College)
Imperfect Shadow Maps for Efficient Computation of Indirect Illumination ACM DOI Author version
Tobias Ritschel, Thorsten Grosch (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik), Min H. Kim (University College London, UK), Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik) Carsten Dachsbacher (University Stuttgart), Jan Kautz (University College London, UK)
Progressive Photon Mapping ACM DOI Project
Toshiya Hachisuka (University of California, San Diego), Shinji Ogaki (School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Nottingham), Henrik Wann Jensen (University of California, San Diego)

Image-Based Capture

Shield Fields: Modeling and Capturing 3D Occluders ACM DOI Project
Douglas Lanman (Brown University), Ramesh Raskar (MIT Media Lab), Amit Agrawal (Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL)), Gabriel Taubin (Brown University)
Time-resolved 3D Capture of Non-stationary Gas Flows ACM DOI Project
Bradley Atcheson, Ivo Ihrke, Wolfgang Heidrich (The University of British Columbia), Art Tevs (Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik), Derek Bradley (The University of British Columbia), Marcus Magnor (Braunschweig University), Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik)
A Photometric Approach for Estimating Normals and Tangents ACM DOI Project
Michael Holroyd, Jason Lawrence, Greg Humphreys (University of Virginia), Todd Zickler (Harvard University)
Extracting Depth and Matte using a Color-Filtered Aperture ACM DOI Project
Yosuke Bando (TOSHIBA Corporation/The University of Tokyo), Bing-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University), Tomoyuki Nishita (The University of Tokyo)


Random-Access Rendering of General Vector Graphics ACM DOI Author version
Diego Nehab, Hugues Hoppe (Microsoft Research)
Texture Amendment: Reducing Texture Distortion in Constrained Parameterization ACM DOI Project
Yu-Wing Tai, Michael S. Brown (National University of Singapore), Chi-Keung Tang (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Heung-Yeung Shum (Microsoft)
IGT: Inverse Geometric Textures ACM DOI Project
Ismael Garcia, Gustavo Patow (University of Girona)
A Psychophysically Validated Metric for Bidirectional Texture Data Reduction ACM DOI Project
Jiří Filip, Michael J. Chantler, Patrick R. Green (Heriot-Watt University), Michal Haindl (Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the ASCR)

Reflectance & Subdivision

Practical Modeling and Acquisition of Layered Facial Reflectance ACM DOI Project
Abhijeet Ghosh, Tim Hawkins, Pieter Peers, Sune Frederiksen, Paul Debevec (University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies)
A Layered, Heterogeneous Reflectance Model for Acquiring and Rendering Human Skin ACM DOI Author version
Craig Donner (Columbia University), Tim Weyrich (Princeton University and University College London), Eugene d'Eon (NVIDIA), Ravi Ramamoorthi (Columbia University), Szymon Rusinkiewicz (Princeton University)
Phong Tessellation ACM DOI Project
Tamy Boubekeur, Marc Alexa (Technische Universitat Berlin)
Subdivision Shading ACM DOI Project
Marc Alexa, Tamy Boubekeur (Technische Universitat Berlin)
Real-Time Reyes-Style Adaptive Surface Subdivision ACM DOI Author version
Anjul Patney, John D. Owens (University of California, Davis)

Mesh Processing

Efficient Traversal of Mesh Edges using Adjacency Primitives ACM DOI Author version
Pedro V. Sander (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Diego Nehab (Microsoft Research), Eden Chlamtac (Princeton), Hugues Hoppe (Microsoft Research)
Randomized Cuts for 3D Mesh Analysis ACM DOI Project
Aleksey Golovinskiy, Thomas Funkhouser (Princeton)
Deduction of Interpolating Subdivision Schemes From Approximating Subdivision Schemes ACM DOI
Shujin Lin, Xiaonan Luo, Fang You, Zheng Li (Sun Yat-sen University)
Spectral Quadrangulation with Orientation and Alignment Control ACM DOI Author version
Jin Huang, Muyang Zhang, Jin Ma, Xinguo Liu (Zhejiang University), Leif Kobbelt (RWTH Aachen), Hujun Bao (Zhejiang University)
Quadrilateral Mesh Simplification ACM DOI Author version
Joel Daniels, Claudio Silva (University of Utah), Jason Shepherd (CUBIT Mesh Generation Toolkit), Elaine Cohen (University of Utah)

Colourisation & Upsampling

A Virtual Restoration Stage for Real-World Objects ACM DOI Author version
Daniel G. Aliaga, Alvin J. Law, Yu Hong Yeung (Purdue University)
Superimposing Dynamic Range ACM DOI Author version
Oliver Bimber (Bauhaus-University Weimar), Daisuke Iwai (Osaka University)
VirtualStudio2Go: Digital Videocomposition for Real Environments ACM DOI Author version Project
Anselm Grundhoefer, Oliver Bimber (Bauhaus-University Weimar)
Intrinsic Colorization ACM DOI Project
Xiaopei Liu (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Liang Wan, (Chinese University of Hong Kong/City University of Hong Kong), Yingge Qu, Tien-Tsin Wong, (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Stephen Lin (Microsoft Research Asia), Chi-Sing Leung (City University of Hong Kong), Pheng-Ann Heng (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Fast Image/Video Upsampling ACM DOI Author version
Qi Shan, Zhaorong Li, Jiaya Jia (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Chi-Keung Tang (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Adaptive Cutaways for Comprehensible Rendering of Polygonal Scenes ACM DOI Project
Michael Burns Adam Finkelstein (Princeton University),
Richness-Preserving Manga Screening ACM DOI Project
Yingge Qu, Wai-Man Pang, Tien-Tsin Wong, Pheng-Ann Heng (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Line-art Illustration of Dynamic and Specular Surfaces ACM DOI Project
Yongjin Kim (POSTECH), Jingyi Yu, Xuan Yu (University of Delaware), Seungyong Lee (POSTECH)
Demarcating Curves for Shape Illustration ACM DOI Author version
Michael Kolomenkin (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology), Ilan Shimshoni (University of Haifa), Ayellet Tal (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

Urban Modeling

Continuous Model Synthesis ACM DOI Author version
Paul Merrell, Dinesh Manocha (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Interactive 3D Architectural Modeling from Unordered Photo Collections ACM DOI Project
Sudipta N. Sinha (UNC Chapel Hill), Drew Steedly (Microsoft Live Labs), Richard Szeliski (Microsoft Research), Maneesh Agrawala (UC Berkeley), Marc Pollefeys (ETH Zurich)
Interactive Example-Based Urban Layout Synthesis ACM DOI Author version
Daniel G. Aliaga, Carlos A. Vanegas, Bedrich Benes (Purdue University)
Image-based Facade Modeling ACM DOI Author version
Jianxiong Xiao, Tian Fang, Peng Zhao (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Ping Tan (National University of Singapore), Eyal Ofek (Virtual Earth), Long Quan (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Physically Based Animation

Magnets in Motion ACM DOI Project
Bernhard Thomaszewski, Andreas Gumann, Simon Pabst, Wolfgang Strasser (University of Tubingen)
Real-time Control of Physically Based Simulations using Gentle Forces ACM DOI Project
Jernej Barbič, Jovan Popović (MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)
Staggered Projections for Frictional Contact in Multibody Systems ACM DOI Project
Danny M. Kaufman, Shinjiro Sueda (University of British Columbia), Doug James (Cornell University), Dinesh K. Pai (University of British Columbia)
Optimizing Cubature for Efficient Integration of Subspace Deformations ACM DOI Project
Steven An, Theodore Kim, Doug James (Cornell University)
Fast Animation of Turbulence Using Energy Transport and Procedural Synthesis ACM DOI Project
Rahul Narain, Jason Sewall (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Mark Carlson (DreamWorks Animation SKG), Ming Lin (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

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