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ACM Digital Library: ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) Volume 27 , Issue 3 (August 2008) Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2008

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Animation (Transaction on Graphics Technical Papers)

Evaluating Motion Graphs for Character Animation ACM DOI Author version
Paul Reitsma, Nancy Pollard (Carnegie Mellon University)
Synthesis and Evaluation of Linear Motion Transitions ACM DOI
Jing Wang (University of South Florida), Bobby Bodenheimer (Vanderbilt University)
Free-Form Motion Processing ACM DOI Author version
Scott Kircher (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Michael Garland (NVIDIA Corporation)
Geometric Skinning with Approximate Dual Quaternion Blending ACM DOI Author version
Ladislav Kavan, Steven Collins (Trinity College Dublin), Jiri Zara (CVUT in Prague), Carol O'Sullivan (Trinity College Dublin)


Clone Attack! Perception of Crowd Variety ACM DOI Author version
Rachel McDonnell, Micheal Larkin, Simon Dobbyn, Steven Collins, Carol O'Sullivan (Trinity College Dublin)
Real-Time Motion Retargeting to Highly Varied User-Created Morphologies ACM DOI Author version
Chris Hecker, Bernd Raabe, Ryan W. Enslow, John DeWeese (Maxis/Electronic Arts), Jordan Maynard (Trion World Network), Kees van Prooijen (Total Immersion Software)
Animating Oscillatory Motion With Overlap: Wiggly Splines ACM DOI Author version
Michael Kass, John Anderson (Pixar Animation Studios)
Example-Based Dynamic Skinning in Real-Time ACM DOI Author version
Xiaohan Shi (Zhejiang University), Kun Zhou, (Microsoft Research Asia), Yiying Tong, Mathieu Desbrun (California Institute of Technology), Hujun Bao (Zhejiang University), Baining Guo (Microsoft Research Asia)

Computational Photography & Display

Programmable Aperture Photography: Multiplexed Light Field Acquisition ACM DOI Author version
Chia-Kai Liang, Tai-Hsu Lin, Bing-Yi Wong, Chi Liu, Homer Chen (National Taiwan University)
Glare Aware Photography: 4D Ray Sampling for Reducing Glare Effects of Camera Lenses ACM DOI Author version Project
Ramesh Raskar, Amit Agrawal, Cyrus Wilson (Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL)), Ashok Veeraraghavan (University of Maryland at College Park)
Light-Field Transfer: Global Illumination Between Real and Synthetic Objects ACM DOI Author version
Oliver Cossairt, Shree Nayar, Ravi Ramamoorthi (Columbia University)
Towards Passive 6D Reflectance Field Display ACM DOI Project Project
Martin Fuchs (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik), Ramesh Raskar (Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL)), Hans-Peter Seidel, Hendrik P. A. Lensch (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik)

Deblurring & Dehazing

Motion-invariant photography ACM DOI Author version
Anat Levin, Peter Sand, Taeg Sang Cho, Frédo Durand, William T. Freeman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Single Image Dehazing ACM DOI Project
Raanan Fattal (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
High-Quality Motion Deblurring From a Single Image ACM DOI Author version Project
Qi Shan, Jiaya Jia (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Aseem Agarwala (Adobe Systems, Inc.)
Progressive Inter-scale and intra-scale Non-blind Image Deconvolution ACM DOI Author version
Lu Yuan (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology), Jian Sun (Microsoft Research Asia), Long Quan (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology), Heung-Yeung Shum (Microsoft Research Asia)

Differential Equations (Transaction on Graphics Technical Papers)

Level set driven flows ACM DOI
Ruyam Acar
Out-of-core and compressed level set methods ACM DOI Author version
Michael Bang Nielsen (Aarhus Universitet), Ola Nilsson, Andreas Soderstrom, Ken Museth (Linkoping University)
Parallel Algorithms for Approximation of Distance Maps on Parametric Surfaces ACM DOI Author version
Ofir Weber, Yohai S. Devir, Alex M. Bronstein, Michael M. Bronstein, Ron Kimmel (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)
Computation of Rotation Minimizing Frame ACM DOI Author version
Wenping Wang (The University of Hong Kong), Bert Juttler (Johannes Kepler Universitat Linz), Dayue Zheng, Yang Liu (The University of Hong Kong)

Faces & Reflectance

Data-driven enhancement of facial attractiveness ACM DOI Author version Project
Tommer Leyvand, Daniel Cohen-Or, Gideon Dror (Tel Aviv University), Dani Lischinski (The Hebrew University),
Face Swapping: Automatic Face Replacement in Photographs ACM DOI Author version Project
Dmitri Bitouk, Neeraj Kumar, Samreen Dhillon, Peter Belhumeur, Shree Nayar (Columbia University)
AppProp: All-Pairs Appearance-Space Edit Propagation ACM DOI Author version
Xiaobo An, Fabio Pellacini (Dartmouth College)
Modeling Anisotropic Surface Reflectance with Example-Based Microfacet Synthesis ACM DOI Author version Project
Jiaping Wang, Shuang Zhao, Xin Tong (Microsoft Research Asia), John Snyder (Microsoft Research), Baining Guo (Microsoft Research Asia)

Folding & Unfolding Surfaces

Curved Folding ACM DOI Project
Martin Kilian, Simon Flory (TU Wien / Evolute), Zhonggui Chen (TU Wien / Zhejiang University), Niloy J. Mitra (IIT Delhi), Alla Sheffer (University of British Columbia), Helmut Pottmann (TU Vienna)
Freeform surfaces from single curved panels ACM DOI Project
Helmut Pottmann, Alexander Schiftner, Pengbo Bo, Heinz Schmiedhofer, W. Wang, N. Baldassini (TU Vienna), Johannes Wallner (TU Graz)
Conformal Equivalence of Triangle Meshes ACM DOI Author version
Boris Springborn (Technische Universitat Berlin), Peter Schroder (California Institute of Technology), Ulrich Pinkall (Technische Universitat Berlin)
Green Coordinates ACM DOI Project
Yaron Lipman, David Levin, Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University)
Watertight Trimmed NURBS ACM DOI Author version
Thomas W. Sederberg, G. Thomas Finnigan (Brigham Young University), Xin Li (University of Science and Technology of China), Hongwei Lin (Zhejiang University), Heather Ipson (Brigham Young University)

Global Illumination (Transaction on Graphics Technical Papers)

Radiance Caching for Participating Media ACM DOI Author version Project
Wojciech Jarosz, Craig Donner, Matthias Zwicker, Henrik Jensen (University of California, San Diego)
A Framework for Precomputed and Captured Light Transport ACM DOI
Jaakko Lehtinen (Helsinki University of Technology)
Resolution-Matched Shadow Maps ACM DOI Author version
Aaron E. Lefohn, Shubhabrata Sengupta, John D. Owens (University of California, Davis)
Logarithmic Perspective Shadow Maps ACM DOI Author version Project
Brandon Lloyd (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Naga Govindaraju (Microsoft Corporation), Cory Quammen (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Steve Molnar (NVIDIA Corporation), Dinesh Manocha (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Hair and Realistic Rendering

Hair Photobooth: Geometric and Photometric Acquisition of Real Hairstyles ACM DOI Project
Sylvain Paris (Adobe Systems Inc.), Will Chang, Wojciech Jarosz (University of California, San Diego), Oleg Kozhushnyan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Wojciech Matusik (Adobe Systems Inc.), Matthias Zwicker (University of California, San Diego), Frédo Durand (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Efficient Multiple Scattering in Hair Using Spherical Harmonics ACM DOI Project
Jonathan T. Moon, Bruce Walter, Steve Marschner (Cornell University)
Dual Scattering Approximation for Fast Multiple Scattering in Hair ACM DOI Author version Project
Arno Zinke (University of Bonn), Cem Yuksel (Texas A&M University) Andreas Weber (University of Bonn), John C. Keyser (Texas A&M University)
Multidimensional Adaptive Sampling and Reconstruction for Ray Tracing ACM DOI Author version
Toshiya Hachisuka, Wojciech Jarosz (University of California, San Diego), Richard Peter Weistroffer (University of Virginia), Kevin Dale (Harvard University), Greg Humphreys (University of Virginia), Matthias Zwicker, Henrik Wann Jensen (University of California, San Diego)

Hair, Rods & Cloth

Discrete Elastic Rods ACM DOI Project
Miklós Bergou (Columbia University), Max Wardetzky (Freie Universität Berlin), Stephen Robinson (Columbia University), Basile Audoly (CNRS), Eitan Grinspun (Columbia University)
A Mass Spring Model for Hair Simulation ACM DOI Project
Andrew Selle, Michael Lentine, Ron Fedkiw (Stanford University)
Simulating Knitted Cloth at the Yarn Level ACM DOI Project
Jonathan Kaldor, Doug James, Steve Marschner (Cornell University)
Animating Developable Surfaces with Nonconforming Elements ACM DOI Author version
Elliot English, Robert Bridson (University of British Columbia)


Group Motion Editing ACM DOI Project
Taesoo Kwon (Seoul National University), Kang Hoon Lee (Kwangwoon University), Jehee Lee (Seoul National University), Shigeo Takahashi (University of Tokyo)
Continuation Methods for Adapting Simulated Skills ACM DOI Author version Project
Kangkang Yin, Stelian Coros Philippe Beaudoin, Michiel van de Panne (The University of British Columbia)
Interactive Simulation of Stylized Human Locomotion ACM DOI Author version
Marco da Silva, Yeuhi Abe, Jovan Popović (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Musculotendon Simulation for Hand Animation ACM DOI Project
Shinjiro Sueda, Andrew Kaufman, Dinesh K. Pai (University of British Columbia)

Image Collections & Video

Factoring Repeated Content Within and Among Images ACM DOI Author version
Huamin Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology), Yonatan Wexler, Eyal Ofek (Microsoft), Hugues Hoppe (Microsoft Research)
Finding Paths through the World's Photos ACM DOI Project
Noah Snavely, Rahul Garg, Steven M. Seitz (University of Washington), Richard Szeliski (Microsoft Research)
Improved Seam Carving for Video Retargeting ACM DOI Author version Project
Michael Rubinstein (Tel-Aviv University), Ariel Shamir (The Interdisciplinary Center), Shai Avidan (Adobe Systems Inc.)
Unwrap Mosaics: A new representation for video editing ACM DOI Author version Project
Alex Rav-Acha (Weizmann Institute of Science), Pushmeet Kohli, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Carsten Rother (Microsoft Research Cambridge)

Jiggly Fluids

Two-way Coupling of Fluids to Rigid and Deformable Solids and Shells ACM DOI Author version
Avi Robinson-Mosher, Tamar Shinar, Gretarsson, J., Jonathan Su, Ron Fedkiw (Stanford University)
Fast Viscoelastic Behavior with Thin Features ACM DOI Author version
Chris Wojtan, Greg Turk (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Bubbles Alive ACM DOI Author version
Jeong-Mo Hong, Ho-Young Lee, Jong-Chul Yoon, Chang-Hun Kim (Korea University)
Porous Flow in Particle-Based Fluid Simulations ACM DOI Project
Toon Lenaerts (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Bart Adams (Stanford University), Philip Dutré (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Wavelet Turbulence for Fluid Simulation ACM DOI Author version
Theodore Kim (Cornell University), Nils Thürey (ETH Zurich), Doug James (Cornell University), Markus Gross (ETH Zurich)

Model Building (Transaction on Graphics Technical Papers)

Knowledge and Heuristic Based Modeling of Laser-Scanned Trees ACM DOI Author version
Hui Xu, Nathan Gossett, Baoquan Chen (University of Minnesota)
Sketching Reality: Realistic Interpretation of Architectural Designs ACM DOI Author version
Xuejin Chen (University of Science and Technology of China), Sing Bing Kang (Microsoft Research), Ying-Qing Xu (Microsoft Research Asia), Julie Dorsey (Yale University), Harry Shum (Microsoft Research Asia)
Gesture Modeling and Animation Based on a Probabilistic Recreation of Speaker Style ACM DOI Author version
Michael Neff (University of California, Davis), Michael Kipp (DFKI-German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), Irene Albrecht, Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik)
A Survey of Spatial Deformation From a User-Centered Perspective ACM DOI Author version
James Gain (University of Cape Town), Dominique Bechmann (Universite Louis Pasteur Strasbourg I)

Noisy Collisions

Spline Joints for Multibody Dynamics ACM DOI Author version
Sung-Hee Lee, Demetri Terzopoulos (University of California, Los Angeles)
Robust Treatment of Simultaneous Collisions ACM DOI Project
David Harmon, Etienne Vouga (Columbia University), Rasmus Tamstorf (Walt Disney Animation Studios), Eitan Grinspun (Columbia University)
Fast Modal Sounds with Scalable Frequency-Domain Synthesis ACM DOI Project
Nicolas Bonneel, George Drettakis, Nicolas Tsingos (REVES/INRIA Sophia-Antipolis), Isabelle Viaud-Delmon (CNRS-UPMC UMR 7593), Doug L. James (Cornell University)
Backward Steps in Rigid Body Simulations ACM DOI Author version Project
Christopher D. Twigg (Carnegie Mellon University), Doug James (Cornell University)

NPR & Deformation

Where Do People Draw Lines? ACM DOI Project
Forrester Cole, Aleksey Golovinskiy, Alex Limpaecher, Heather Stoddart Barros, Adam Finkelstein, Thomas Funkhouser, Szymon Rusinkiewicz (Princeton University)
Structure-aware Halftoning ACM DOI Project
Wai-Man Pang, Yingge Qu, Tien-Tsin Wong (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University), Pheng-Ann Heng (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
3D Unsharp Masking for Scene Coherent Enhancement ACM DOI Project
Tobias Ritschel, Kaleigh Smith, Matthias Ihrke, Thorsten Grosch, Karol Myszkowski, Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik)
Real-Time Data-Driven Deformation Using Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis ACM DOI Project
Wei-Wen Feng, Byung-Uck Kim, Yizhou Yu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Painting & Sketching

Diffusion Curves: A Vector Representation for Smooth-Shaded Images ACM DOI Project
Alexandrina Orzan, Adrien Bousseau (ARTIS), Holger Winnemoller (Adobe Systems, Inc.), Pascal Barla, Joelle Thollot (ARTIS), David Salesin (Adobe Systems, Inc. / University of Washington)
Real-time Gradient-domain Painting ACM DOI Project
James McCann, Nancy Pollard (Carnegie Mellon University)
Feedback Control of Cumuliform Cloud Formation based on Computational Fluid Dynamics ACM DOI Author version
Yoshinori Dobashi, Katsutoshi Kusumoto (Hokkaido University), Tomoyuki Nishita (University of Tokyo), Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (Hokkaido University)
Shading-Based Surface Editing ACM DOI Project
Yotam Gingold Denis Zorin (New York University)


Larrabee: A Many-Core x86 Architecture for Visual Computing ACM DOI Author version Project
Larry Seiler, Doug Carmean, Eric Sprangle, Tom Forsyth (Intel Corporation), Michael Abrash (RAD Game Tools), Pradeep Dubey, Stephen Junkins, Adam Lake, Jeremy Sugerman, Robert Cavin, Roger Espasa, Ed Grochowski, Toni Juan (Intel Corporation), Pat Hanrahan (Stanford University)
BSGP: Bulk-Synchronous GPU Programming ACM DOI Author version
Qiming Hou, Kun Zhou (Microsoft Research Asia), Baining Guo (Microsoft Research Asia)
Parallel Poisson Disk Sampling (TR) ACM DOI Author version
Li-Yi Wei (Microsoft Research Asia)
Streaming Multigrid for Gradient-Domain Operations on Large Images ACM DOI Author version
Michael Kazhdan (Johns Hopkins University), Hugues Hoppe (Microsoft Research)

Perception & Hallucination

A Perceptually Validated Model for Surface Depth Hallucination ACM DOI Project
Mashhuda Glencross (The University of Manchester), Gregory J. Ward (Dolby Canada), Caroline Jay, Jun Liu, Francho Melendez, Roger Hubbold (The University of Manchester)
Perception of Complex Aggregates ACM DOI Author version
Ganesh Ramanarayanan, Kavita Bala, James Ferwerda (Cornell University)
A Perception-based Color Space for Illumination-invariant Image Processing ACM DOI Project
Hamilton Chong, Steven Gortler, Todd Zickler (Harvard University)
Self-Animating Images: Illusory Motion Using Repeated Asymmetric Patterns ACM DOI Project
Ming-Te Chi, Tong-Yee Lee (National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan), Yingge Qu, Tien-Tsin Wong (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Performance Capture

Data-driven Modeling of Skin and Muscle Deformation ACM DOI
Sang Il Park (Sejong University), Jessica Hodgins (Carnegie Mellon University)
Articulated Mesh Animation from Multi-view Silhouettes ACM DOI Author version Project
Daniel Vlasic, Ilya Baran (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Wojciech Matusik (Adobe Systems Inc.), Jovan Popović (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Performance Capture from Sparse Multi-view Video ACM DOI Project
Edilson de Aguiar, Carsten Stoll (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik), Christian Theobalt (Stanford University), Naveed Ahmed, Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik), Sebastian Thrun (Stanford University)
Markerless Garment Capture ACM DOI Project
Derek Bradley, Tiberiu Popa, Alla Sheffer, Wolfgang Heidrich (University of British Columbia), Tamy Boubekeur (TU Berlin)

Procedural modeling & design

Automatic Generation of Tourist Maps ACM DOI Project
Floraine Grabler (University of California, Berkeley), Maneesh Agrawala (University of California, Berkeley), Robert Sumner, Mark Pauly (ETH Zurich)
Automated generation of interactive 3D exploded view diagrams ACM DOI Project
Wilmot Li, (Adobe Systems, Inc.), Maneesh Agrawala (University of California, Berkeley), Brian Curless (University of Washington), David Salesin (Adobe Systems, Inc. / University of Washington)
Interactive Visual Editing of Grammars for Procedural Architecture ACM DOI Project
Markus Lipp (Technische Universitat Wien), Peter Wonka (Arizona State University), Michael Wimmer (Technische Universitat Wien)
Interactive Procedural Street Modeling ACM DOI Project
Guoning Chen, Gregory Esch (Oregon State University), Peter Wonka (Arizona State University), Pascal Müller (ETH Zurich), Eugene Zhang (Oregon State University),

Real Time Rendering

Real-Time, All-Frequency Shadows in Dynamic Scenes ACM DOI Project
Zhao Dong, Thomas Annen (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik), Tom Mertens, Philippe Bekaert (Hasselt University, tUL - IBBT, EDM, Belgium), Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik), Jan Kautz (University College London, UK)
Interactive Relighting of Dynamic Refractive Objects ACM DOI Author version
Xin Sun, Kun Zhou, (Microsoft Research Asia), Eric Stollnitz (Microsoft Research), Jiaoying Shi (Zhejiang University), Baining Guo (Microsoft Research Asia)
Real-Time Smoke Rendering Using Compensated Ray Marching (TR) ACM DOI Author version
Kun Zhou, Zhong Ren, Stephen Lin (Microsoft Research Asia), Hujun Bao (Zhejiang University), Baining Guo, Heung-Yeung Shum (Microsoft Research Asia)
A Meshless Hierarchical Representation for Light Transport ACM DOI Project
Jaakko Lehtinen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Helsinki University of Technology), Matthias Zwicker (University of California, San Diego), Emmanuel Turquin (INRIA / Grenoble Rhone-Alpes), Janne Kontkanen (PDI/DreamWorks), Frédo Durand (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Francois Sillion (INRIA / Grenoble Rhone-Alpes), Timo Aila (NVIDIA Research)

Rendering Materials (Transaction on Graphics Technical Papers)

Modeling and Rendering of Heterogeneous Translucent Materials Using The Diffusion Equation ACM DOI Author version
Jiaping Wang (Institution of Computing Technology), Shuang Zhao, Xin Tong, Stephen Lin, Zhouchen Lin (Microsoft Research Asia), Yue Dong (Tsinghua University), Baining Guo, Heung-Yeung Shum (Microsoft Research Asia)
Realistic Rendering of Birefringency in Uniaxial Crystals ACM DOI Author version
Andrea Weidlich, Alexander Wilkie (Vienna University of Technology)
A Precomputed Polynomial Representation for Interactive BRDF Editing With Global Illumination ACM DOI Author version
Aner Ben-Artzi, Kevin Egan (Columbia University), Frédo Durand (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Ravi Ramamoorthi (Columbia University)
Real-Time Rendering of Textures With Feature Curves ACM DOI Project
Evgueni Parilov, Denis Zorin (New York University)

Shape Acquisition

A System for High-Volume Acquisition and Matching of Fresco Fragments: Reassembling Theran Wall Paintings ACM DOI Author version Project
Benedict Brown, Corey Toler-Franklin (Princeton University), Diego Nehab (Microsoft Research), Michael Burns, Andreas Vlachopoulos, Christos Doumas, David Dobkin, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Tim Weyrich (Princeton University)
4-points Congruent Sets for Robust Surface Registration ACM DOI Project
Dror Aiger (Ben Gurion University, Israel), Niloy J. Mitra (IIT Delhi), Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University)
3D-Modeling by Ortho-Image Generation from Image Sequences ACM DOI Author version
Thorsten Thormahlen, Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik)
Fluorescent Immersion Range Scanning ACM DOI Project
Matthias B. Hullin Martin Fuchs (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik), Ivo Ihrke (The University of British Columbia/Max-Planck-Institut Informatik), Hans-Peter Seidel, Hendrik P. A. Lensch (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik)

Shape Analysis

Upright Orientation of Man-Made Objects ACM DOI Project
Hongbo Fu (University of British Columbia), Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University), Gideon Dror (Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo), Alla Sheffer (University of British Columbia)
Discovering Structural Regularity in 3D Geometry ACM DOI Author version Project
Mark Pauly (ETH Zurich), Niloy J. Mitra (IIT Delhi), Johannes Wallner (TU Graz), Helmut Pottmann (TU Vienna), Leonidas Guibas (Stanford University)
Skeleton Extraction by Mesh Contraction ACM DOI Project
Oscar Kin-Chung Au, Chiew-Lan Tai (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology), Hung-Kuo Chu (National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan), Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University), Tong-Yee Lee (National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan)
Computing Geometry-aware Handle and Tunnel Loops in 3D Models ACM DOI Author version
Tamal Krishna Dey, Kuiyu Li (Ohio State University), Jian Sun (Stanford University), David Cohen-Steiner (INRIA)

Surface Modeling (Transaction on Graphics Technical Papers)

Bicubic Polar Subdivision ACM DOI Author version
Kestutis Karciauskas (Vilniaus Universitetas), Jorg Peters (University of Florida)
Approximating Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces With Bicubic Patches ACM DOI Author version
Charles Loop (Microsoft Research), Scott Schaefer (Texas A&M University)
SOHO: Orthogonal and Symmetric Haar Wavelets on the Sphere ACM DOI Author version Project
Christian Lessig, Eugene Fiume (University of Toronto)
N-Symmetry Direction Field Design ACM DOI Author version
Nicolas Ray, Bruno Vallet, Wan Chiu Li, Bruno Levy (INRIA - ALICE)


Multiscale Texture Synthesis ACM DOI Project
Charles Han, Eric Risser, Ravi Ramamoorthi, Eitan Grinspun (Columbia University)
Inverse Texture Synthesis (TR) ACM DOI Author version
Li-Yi Wei, Jianwei Han, Kun Zhou (Microsoft Research Asia), Hujun Bao (Zhejiang University), Baining Guo, Heung-Yeung Shum (Microsoft Research Asia)
Lapped Solid Textures: Filling a Model with Anisotropic Textures ACM DOI Project
Kenshi Takayama, Makoto Okabe, Takashi Ijiri (The University of Tokyo), Takeo Igarashi (The University of Tokyo and PRESTO JST)
Anisotropic Noise ACM DOI Author version
Alexander Goldberg, Matthias Zwicker (University of California, San Diego), Frédo Durand (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Tone & Color

Edge-preserving decompositions for multi-scale tone and detail manipulation ACM DOI Project
Zeev Farbman, Raanan Fattal, Dani Lischinski (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), Richard Szeliski (Microsoft Research)
Display Adaptive Tone Mapping ACM DOI Project
Rafal Mantiuk, Scott Daly, Louis Kerofsky (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik)
Dynamic Range Independent Image Quality Assessment ACM DOI Project
Tunc O. Aydin, Rafal Mantiuk, Karol Myszkowski, Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik)
Light Mixture Estimation for Spatially Varying White Balance ACM DOI Project
Eugene Hsu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Tom Mertens (Hasselt University, tUL - IBBT, EDM, Belgium), Sylvain Paris, Shai Avidan (Adobe Systems Inc.), Frédo Durand (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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