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Differential Geometry

Robust statistical estimation of curvature on discretized surfaces
Evangelos Kalogerakis, Patricio Simari, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Karan Singh
Focal Surfaces of Discrete Geometry
Jingyi Yu, Xiaotian Yin, Xianfeng Gu, Leonard McMillan, Steve Gortler
Discrete Laplace operators: No free lunch
Max Wardetzky, Saurabh Mathur, Felix Kalberer, Eitan Grinspun

Surface Reconstruction I

Voronoi-based Variational Reconstruction of Unoriented Point Sets
Pierre Alliez, David Cohen-Steiner, Yiying Tong, Mathieu Desbrun
Reconstruction of Deforming Geometry from Time-Varying Point Clouds
Michael Wand, Philipp Jenke, Qi-Xing Huang, Martin Bokeloh, Leonidas Guibas, Andreas Schilling
Data-Dependent MLS for Faithful Surface Approximation
Yaron Lipman, Daniel Cohen-Or, David Levin

Surface Reconstruction II

Multilevel Streaming for Out-of-Core Surface Reconstruction
Matthew Bolitho, Michael Kazhdan, Randal Burns, Hugues Hoppe
A Streaming Algorithm for Surface Reconstruction
Remi Allegre, Raphaelle Chaine, Samir Akkouche
Shape reconstruction from unorganized cross-sections

Short Papers I

Bayesian Surface Reconstruction via Iterative Scan Alignment to an Optimized Prototype
Qi-Xing Huang, Bart Adams, Michael Wand
Laplace-Beltrami Eigenfunctions for non-rigid Shape Matching
Raif M. Rustamov
Symmetry-Enhanced Remeshing of Surfaces
Joshua Podolak, Aleksey Golovinskiy, Szymon Rusinkiewicz
Ridge Based Curve and Surface Reconstruction
Jochen Susmuth, Gunther Greiner

Shape Deformation

Elastic Secondary Deformations by Vector Field Integration
Wolfram von Funck, Holger Theisel, Hans-Peter Seidel
As-Rigid-As-Possible Surface Modeling
Olga Sorkine, Marc Alexa
GPU-assisted Positive Mean Value Coordinates for Mesh Deformation
Yaron Lipman, Johannes Kopf, Daniel Cohen-Or, David Levin

Meshing and Parameterization

Unconstrained Isosurface Extraction on Arbitrary Octrees
Michael Kazhdan, Allison Klein, Ketan Dalal, Hugues Hoppe
Linear Angle Based Parameterization
Rhaleb Zayer, Bruno Levy, Hans-Peter Seidel
Triangulations with locally optimal Steiner points
Hale Erten, Alper Ungor

Short Papers II

Surface Reconstruction using Local Shape Priors
Ran Gal, Ariel Shamir, Tal Hassner, Mark Pauly, Daniel Cohen-Or
Fast Normal Vector Compression with Bounded Error
Eric J. Griffith, Michal Koutek, Frits Post
Delaunay Mesh Construction
Ramsay Dyer, Hao Zhang, Torsten Möller

Modeling and Registration

Example-Based Skeleton Extraction
Scott Schaefer, Can Yuksel
Developable Surfaces from Arbitrary Sketched Boundaries
Kenneth Rose, Alla Sheffer, Jamie Wither, Marie-Paule Cani, Boris Thibert
Dynamic Geometry Registration
Niloy J. Mitra, Simon Flory, Maks Ovsjanikov, Natasha Gelfand, Leonidas Guibas, Helmut Pottmann

Surface Fairing and Optimization

Generalized Surface Flows for Mesh Processing
Ilya Eckstein, Jean-Philippe Pons, Yiying Tong, C.-C. Jay Kuo, Mathieu Desbrun
Shape Optimization Using Reflection Lines
Elif Tosun, Yotam I. Gingold, Jason Reisman, Denis Zorin
Constraint-based fairing of surface meshes
Klaus Hildebrandt, Konrad Polthier

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