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EG DL: Symposium on Geometry Processing 2004


Session 1

Spectral Surface Reconstruction From Noisy Point Clouds
Ravi Krishna Kolluri, Jonathan Richard Shewchuk, James F. O'Brien
Registration of Point Cloud Data from a Geometric Optimization Perspective
Niloy J. Mitra, Natasha Gelfand, Helmut Pottmann, Leo Guibas
Comparing Point Clouds
Guillermo Sapiro Facundo Memoli
Geometric Texture Synthesis by Example
Pravin Bhat, Stephen Frowe Ingram, Greg Turk

Session 2

Iso-charts: Stretch-driven Mesh Parameterization using Spectral Analysis
Kun Zhou, John Snyder, Baining Guo, Heung-Yeung Shum
Signal-Specialized Parameterization for Piecewise Linear Reconstruction
Geetika Tewari, John Snyder, Pedro V. Sander, Steven J. Gortler, Hughes Hoppe
Seamless Texture Atlases
Budirijanto Purnomo, Jonathan Cohen, Subodh Kumar

Session 3

Connectivity Transformation for Mesh Metamorphosis
Minsu Ahn, Seungyong Lee, Hans-Peter Seidel
A data structure for non-manifold simplicial d-complexes
Leila De Floriani, David Greenfieldboyce, Annie Hui
Simplification and Improvement of Tetrahedral Models for Simulation
Barbara Cutler, Julie Dorsey, Leonard McMillan

Session 4

Lofting Curve Networks using Subdivision Surfaces
Scott Schaefer, Joe Warren, Denis Zorin
Symmetry Descriptors and 3D Shape Matching
Michael Kazhdan, Thomas Funkhouser, Szymon Rusinkiewicz
Persistence Barcodes for Shapes
Gunnar Carlsson, Afra Zomorodian, Anne Collinsy, Leo Guibas
Fast Collision Detection between Massive Models using Dynamic Simplification
Sung-Eui Yoon, Brian Salomon, Ming C. Lin, Dinesh Manocha

Session 5

Smooth Tetrahedral Subdivision
Scott Schaefer, Jan Hackenberg, Joe Warren
Differentiable Parameterization of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
Ioana Boier-Martin, Denis Zorin
Second Order Smoothness over Extraordinary Vertices
Charles Loop

Session 6

Laplacian Surface Editing
Olga Sorkine, Daniel Cohen-Or, Yaron Lipman, Marc Alexa Christian Roessl, Hans-Peter Seidel
A Remeshing Approach to Multiresolution Modeling
Mario Botsch Leif Kobbelt

Session 7

Parameterization of Triangle Meshes over Quadrilateral Domains
Ioana Boier-Martin, Holly Rushmeier, Jingyi Jin
Similarity-Based Surface Modelling Using Geodesic Fans
Steve Zelinka, Michael Garland
Shape Segmentation Using Local Slippage Analysis
Natasha Gelfand, Leo Guibas
Two Algorithms for Fast Reclustering of Dynamic Meshed Surfaces
Nathan A. Carr, John C. Hart

Session 8

Topology Preserving Surface Extraction using Adaptive Subdivision
Gokul Varadhan, Shankar Krishnan, TVN Sriram, Dinesh Manocha
Isotopic Approximation of Implicit Curves and Surfaces
Simon Plantinga, Gert Vegter