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Real-time Ray Tracing through the Eyes of a Game Developer
Jacco Bikker

Primitives for Ray Tracing

Interactive Ray Tracing of Arbitrary Implicits with SIMD Interval Arithmetic
Aaron Knoll, Younis Hijazi, Ingo Wald, Charles Hansen, Hans Hagen
Ray-Strips: A Compact Mesh Representation for Interactive Ray Tracing
Christian Lauterbach, Sung-eui Yoon, Dinesh Manocha

Construction of Acceleration Hierarchies

On fast Construction of SAH-based Bounding Volume Hierarchies
Ingo Wald
Fast and Lazy Build of Acceleration Structures from Scene Hierarchies
Warren Hunt, William Mark, Donald S. Fussell
Terminating Spatial Hierarchies by A Priori Bounding Memory
Carsten Waechter, Alexander Keller
Grid Creation Strategies for Efficient Ray Tracing
Thiago Ize, Peter Shirley, Steven Parker

Use of Acceleration Hierarchies

Coupled Use of BSP and BVH Trees in Order to Exploit Ray Bundle Performance
Gilles Cadet, Bernard Lecussan
A Study of Restricted BSP Trees for Ray Tracing
Ravi Prakash Kammaje, Benjamin Mora
Early Split Clipping for Bounding Volume Hierarchies
Manfred Ernst, Gunther Greiner

Coherency and Ray Packet Tracing

Deep Coherent Ray Tracing
Erik Mansson, Jacob Munkberg, Tomas Akenine-Moller
SIMD Packet Techniques for Photon Mapping
Shawn Singh, Petros Faloutsos
Dynamic Ray Scheduling for Improved System Performance
Paul Arthur Navratil, Donald S. Fussell, Calvin Lin, William Mark
Faster Ray Packets - Triangle Intersection through Vertex Culling
Alexander Reshetov

Special Architectures for Ray Tracing

Realtime Ray Tracing on GPU with BVH-based Packet Traversal
Johannes Günther, Stefan Popov, Hans-Peter Seidel, Philipp Slusallek
Towards Hardware Ray Tracing using Fixed Point Arithmetic
Johannes Hanika, Alexander Keller

Sampling and Shading

Poisson Disk Point Sets by Hierarchical Dart Throwing
David Cline, Kenric White, Parris Egbert
Steerable Stratified Importance Sampling
Kartic Subr, James Arvo
Adaptive Spatial Sample Caching
Andreas Dietrich, Philipp Slusallek
RTSL: a Ray Tracing Shading Language
Steven Parker, Solomon Boulos, James Bigler, Austin Robison

Applications of Ray Tracing

Interactive Realistic Simulation of Wireless Networks
Steffen Moser, Frank Kargl, Alexander Keller
Bullet Ray Vision (Movie)
Lee Butler, Abe Stephens
A Visualization Framework for Time Dependent Metal Casting Simulations
Matthias Gross, Carsten Lojewski, Hans Hagen

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