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Image Processing(Session 1)

Dynamic Comics for Hierarchical Abstraction of 3D Animation Data Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Myung Geol Choi, Seung-Tak Noh, Taku Komura, Takeo Igarashii
Ontology-based Model for Chinese Calligraphy Synthesis
Yang Xia, Jiangqin Wu, Pengcheng Gao, Yuan Lin, Tianjiao Mao

Animation(Session 1)

A GPU-based Streaming Algorithm for High-Resolution Cloth Simulation Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Min Tang, Ruofeng Tong, Rahul Narain, Chang Meng, Dinesh Manocha
Constrainable Multigrid for Cloth Author Preprint
Inyong Jeon, Hyeong-Seok Ko
Synthesizing Two-character Interactions by Merging Captured Interaction Samples with their Spacetime Relationships
Jacky C. P. Chan, Jeff K. T. Tang, Howard Leung
Interactive Learning for Point-Cloud Motion Segmentation Author Preprint
Yerry Sofer, Tal Hassner, Andrei Sharf
Topology Aware Data-Driven Inverse Kinematics Author Preprint Paper Video
Edmond S. L. Ho, Hubert P. H. Shum, Yiu-ming Cheung, P. C. Yuen

TVCG Papers(Session 1)

PoseShop: A Human Image Database and Personalized Content Synthesis Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Tao Chen, Ping Tan, Li-Qian Ma, Ming-Ming Cheng, Ariel Shamir, Shi-Min Hu
Generalized Anisotropic Stratified Surface Sampling Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Jon Quinn, Frank Langbein, Yu-Kun Lai, Ralph Martin
Surface- and Contour-Preserving Origamic Architecture Paper Pop-Ups Author Preprint
Sang N. Le, Su-Jun Leow, Tuong-Vu Le-Nguyen, Conrado Ruiz Jr., Kok-Lim Low
A Local Model of Light Interaction with Transparent Crystalline Media
Victor A. Debelov, Dmitry S. Kozlov

Image Processing (Session 2)

Stroke-guided Image Synthesis for Skeletal Structure Editing Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Presentation
Sheng-Jie Luo, Chin-Yu Lin, I-Chao Shen, Bing-Yu Chen
Hair Interpolation for Portrait Morphing Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Yanlin Weng, Lvdi Wang, Xiao Li, Menglei Chai, Kun Zhou
Garment Modeling from a Single Image Author Preprint
Bin Zhou, Xiaowu Chen, Qiang Fu, Kan Guo, Ping Tan
Fast Image-Based Modeling of Astronomical Nebulae Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Stephan Wenger, Dirk Lorenz, Marcus Magnor

Rendering (Session 1)

Lighting Simulation of Augmented Outdoor Scene Based on a Legacy Photograph
Guanyu Xing, Xuehong Zhou, Qunsheng Peng, Yanli Liu, Xueying Qin
Eye-Centered Color Adaptation in Global Illumination Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Presentation
Adrien Gruson, Mickael Ribardiere, Remi Cozot
Robust Denoising using Feature and Color Information Author Preprint
Fabrice Rousselle, Marco Manzi, Matthias Zwicker
Second-Order Approximation for Variance Reduction in Multiple Importance Sampling Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Heqi Lu, Romain Pacanowski, Xavier Granier

Image Processing (Session 3)

Artistic QR Code Embellishment Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Yi-Shan Lin, Sheng-Jie Luo, Bing-Yu Chen
Interactive Physics-based Ink Splattering Art Creation Author Preprint Paper Video
Eugene Lei, Ying-Chieh Chen, Hsiang-Ting (Tim) Chen, Chun-Fa Chang

Geometry (Session 1)

Modeling by Drawing with Shadow Guidance Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Presentation Paper Data
Lubin Fan, Ruimin Wang, Linlin Xu, Jiansong Deng, Ligang Liu
Soft Folding Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Demo Program or Source Code
Lifeng Zhu, Takeo Igarashii, Jun Mitani
Guided Real-Time Scanning of Indoor Objects Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Young Min Kim, Niloy J. Mitra, Qixing Huang, Leonidas Guibas
TrayGen: Arranging Objects for Exhibition and Packaging Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Yongliang Yang, Qixing Huang
The POP Buffer: Rapid Progressive Clustering by Geometry Quantization Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Max Limper, Yvonne Jung, Johannes Behr, Marc Alexa

Animation (Session 2)

A Semi-Lagrangian Closest Point Method for Deforming Surfaces
Stefan Auer, Rudiger Westermann
Implicit Integration for Particle-based Simulation of Elasto-plastic Solids Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Yahan Zhou, Zhaoliang Lun, Evangelos Kalogerakis, Rui Wang
Combustion Waves on the Point Set Surface Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Presentation
SoHyeon Jeong, Chang-Hun Kim
Efficient Smoke Simulation on Curvilinear Grids Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Presentation
Vinicius C. Azevedo, Manuel M. Oliveira

Image Processing (Session 4)

A Progressive Tri-level Segmentation Approach for Topology-Change-Aware Video Matting Author Preprint Paper Presentation
Jinlong Ju, Jue Wang, Yebin Liu, Haoqian Wang, Qionghai Dai
Learning and Applying Color Styles From Feature Films Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Su Xue, Aseem Agarwala, Julie Dorsey, Holly Rushmeier
Multiplane Video Stabilization Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Zhong-Qiang Wang, Lei Zhang, Hua Huang
Evaluation of Tone Mapping Operators for HDR-Video Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Gabriel Eilertsen, Robert Wanat, , Rafal Mantiuk, , Jonas Unger

Image Processing (Session 5)

Animated 3D Line Drawings with Temporal Coherence
Xiang Xu, Hock Soon Seah, Chee Kwang Quah
Still-Frame Simulation for Fire Effects of Images Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Minjung Son, Byungmoon Kim, Gregg Wilensky, Seungyong Lee

Rendering (Session 2)

Boundary-Aware Extinction Mapping Author Preprint
Pascal Gautron, Cyril Delalandre, Jean-Eudes Marvie, Pascal Lecocq
Adaptive Ray-bundle Tracing with Memory Usage Prediction: Efficient Global Illumination in Large Scenes Author Preprint Paper Video
Yusuke Tokuyoshi, Takashi Sekine, Tiago da Silva, Takashi Kanai
A Programmable Graphics Processor based on Partial Stream Rewriting
Lars Middendorf, Christian Haubelt
Improving Memory Space Efficiency of Kd-tree for Real-time Ray Tracing Author Preprint Paper Presentation Paper Images
Byeongjun Choi, Byungjoon Chang, Insung Ihm
Level-of-Detail Streaming and Rendering using Bidirectional Sparse Virtual Texture Functions Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Data
Christopher Schwartz, Roland Ruiters, Reinhard Klein

Geometry (Session 2)

Symmetry Robust Descriptor for Non-Rigid Surface Matching Author Preprint
Zhiyuan Zhang, KangKang Yin, Kelvin W.C. Foong
Polar NURBS Surface with Curvature Continuity
Kan-Le Shi, Jun-Hai Yong, Lei Tang, Jia-Guang Sun, Jean-Claude Paul
Coarse-to-Fine Normal Filtering for Feature-Preserving Mesh Denoising Based on Isotropic Subneighborhoods
Lei Zhu, Mingqiang Wie, Jinze Yu,Weiming Wang, Jing Qin, Pheng-Ann Heng
As-Rigid-As-Possible Distance Field Metamorphosis
Yanlin Weng, Menglei Chai, Weiwei Xu, Yiying Tong, Kun Zhou

Image Processing (Session 6)

An Efficient and Scalable Image Filtering Framework Using VIPS Fusion
Jun Zhang, Xiuhong Chen, Yan Zhao, H. Li
Learning to Predict Localized Distortions in Rendered Images Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Presentation
Martin Cadik, Robert Herzog, Rafal Mantiuk, Radoslaw Mantiuk, Karol Myszkowski, Hans-Peter Seidel
EnvyDepth: An Interface for Recovering Local Natural Illumination from Environment Maps Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Francesco Banterle, Marco Callieri, Matteo Dellepiane, Massimiliano Corsini, Fabio Pellacini, Roberto Scopigno
Efficient Shadow Removal Using Subregion Matching Illumination Transfer Author Preprint
Chunxia Xiao, Donglin Xiao, Ling Zhang, Lin Chen

TVCG Papers (Session 2)

Double-Sided 2.5D Graphics Author Preprint
Chih-Kuo Yeh, Peng Song, Peng-Yen Lin, Chi-Wing Fu, Chao-Hung Lin, Tong-Yee Lee
Change Blindness Images Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Li-Qian Ma, Kun Xu, Tien-Tsin Wong, Bi-Ye Jiang, Shi-Min Hu

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