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A. Imaging and Hair (Chair: Sai-Kit Yeung)

Wetting Effects in Hair Simulation Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Witawat Rungjiratananon, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Tomoyuki Nishita
Simulation Guided Hair Dynamics Modeling from Video Author Preprint
Qing Zhang, Jing Tong, Huamin Wang, Zhigeng Pan, Ruigang Yang
Fur Shading and Modification based on Cone Step Mapping
Tom Kuhnert, Guido Brunnett
Performance Capture of High-Speed Motion Using Staggered Multi-View Recording Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Di Wu, Yebin Liu, Ivo Ihrke, Qionghai Dai, Christian Theobalt
User-assisted adjustment of disparity map Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Presentation
Hsin-Yi Chen, Yi-Shan Lin, I-Chao Shen, Sheng-Jie Luo, Wen-Huang Cheng, Bing-Yu Chen

B. Animation and Interaction (Chair: Bing-Yu Chen)

Wake Synthesis For Shallow Water Equation Author Preprint Paper Video
Zherong Pan, Jin Huang, Yiying Tong, Hujun Bao
Realtime Two-Way Coupling of Meshless Fluids and Nonlinear FEM
Lipeng Yang, Shuai Li, Aimin Hao, Hong Qin
Two-Finger Gestures for 6DOF Manipulation of 3D Objects Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Presentation
Jingbo Liu, Oscar Kin-Chung Au, Hongbo Fu, Chiew-Lan Tai
Retrieval and Visualization of Human Motion Data via Stick Figures Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Myung Geol Choi, Kyungyong Yang, Takeo Igarashi, Jun Mitani, Jehee Lee

C. Geometry Processing (Chair: Ligang Liu)

SD Models: Super-Deformed Character Models Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Liang-Tsen Shen, Sheng-Jie Luo, Chun-Kai Huang, Bing-Yu Chen
Isotropic Surface Remeshing Using Constrained Centroidal Delaunay Mesh Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Zhonggui Chen, Juan Cao, Wenping Wang
GPU Shape Grammars Author Preprint Paper Video
Jean-Eudes Marvie, Cyprien Buron, Pascal Gautron, Patrice Hirtzlin, Gael Sourimant
A Global Parity Measure for Incomplete Point Cloud Data
Lee M. Seversky , Lijun Yin

D. Parameterization and Texture Mapping (Chair: Enhua Wu)

Texture Compression using Wavelet Decomposition Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Presentation
Pavlos Mavridis, Georgios Papaioannou
Multi-scale Assemblage for Procedural Texturing Author Preprint
Guillaume Gilet, Jean-Michel Dischler, Djamchid Ghazanfarpour
Improving the Parameterization of Approximate Subdivision Surfaces Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Lei He, Loop C., Scott Schaefer
Ellipsoidal Cube Maps for Accurate Rendering of Planetary-Scale Terrain Data Author Preprint Demo Program or Source Code
Martin Lambers, Andreas Kolb
Optimizing Geometry-aware Pants Decomposition Author Preprint
Kang Zhang, Xin Li

E. Visualization and Volume Rendering (Chair: Renato Pajarola)

Multi-Layered Automultiscopic Displays Author Preprint
Nicola Ranieri, Simon Heinzle, Quinn Smithwick, Daniel Reetz, Lanny S. Smoot, Wojciech Matusik, Markus Gross
Approximate Bias Compensation for Rendering Scenes with Heterogeneous Participating Media Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Thomas Engelhardt, Jan Novak, Thorsten-W. Schmidt, Carsten Dachsbacher
Adaptive Cross-sections of Anatomical Models Author Preprint
Jose Diaz, Eva Monclus, Isabel Navazo, Pere-Pau Vazquez
Homunculus Warping: Conveying Importance Using Self-intersection-free Non-homogeneous Mesh Deformation Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Bernhard Reinert, Tobias Ritschel, Hans-Peter Seidel

F. Image Editing and Processing (Chair: Chiew-Lan Tai)

Hierarchical Narrative Collage For Digital Photo Album Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Presentation
Lei Zhang, Hua Huang
Registration Based Non-uniform Motion Deblurring Author Preprint
Sunghyun Cho, Hojin Cho, Yu-Wing Tai, Seungyong Lee
Improving Photo Composition Elegantly: Considering Image Similarity During Composition Optimization Author Preprint
Yanwen Guo, Ming Liu, Tingting Gu, Wenping Wang
Digital Camouflage Images Using Two-scale Decomposition Author Preprint
Hui Du, Xiaogang Jin, Xiaoyang Mao
Video Panorama for 2D to 3D Conversion Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Roger Blanco i Ribera, Sungwoo Choi, Younghui Kim, Jungjin Lee, Junyong Noh

G. Shape Processing and Modeling (Chair: Hongbo Fu)

Analytic Curve Skeletons for 3D Surface Modeling and Processing Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Jean-Marc Thiery, Bert Buchholz, Julien Tierny, Tamy Boubekeur
Scale Normalization for Isometric Shape Matching Author Preprint Paper Presentation Demo Program or Source Code
Yusuf Sahillioglu, Yucel Yemez
Semi-supervised Mesh Segmentation and Labeling Author Preprint
Jiajun Lv, Xinlei Chen, Jin Huang, Hujun Bao
Structure Preserving Manipulation and Interpolation for Multi-element 2D Shapes
Wenwu Yang, Jieqing Feng, Xun Wang

H. Rendering Systems and Techniques (Chair: Oliver Mattausch)

Scalable Programmable Motion Effects on GPUs Paper Video
Xuezhen Huang, Qiming Hou, Zhong Ren, Kun Zhou
Accurate Translucent Material Rendering under Spherical Gaussian Lights Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Ling-Qi Yan, Yahan Zhou, Kun Xu, Rui Wang
Point-wise Adaptive Filtering for Fast Monte Carlo Noise Reduction
Jie Guo, Jingui Pan
Bokeh Rendering with a Physical Lens
Xin Liu, Jon Rokne
Real-time Particle Fluid Simulation with WCSPH
Fengquan Zhang, Xukun Shen, Xiang Long, Bin Zhao, Lei Hu

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