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ACM Digital Library: Proceedings of the 6th international symposium on Non-photorealistic animation and rendering

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Session 1 - Shapes, Labels and Lines

Partial Visibility for Stylized Lines ACM DOI Project
Forrester Cole, Adam Finkelstein
Dynamic Label placement for Improved Interactive Exploration ACM DOI Project
Thierry Stein, Xavier Décoret
Apparent Relief: a Shape Descriptor for Stylized Shading ACM DOI Project
Romain Vergne, Pascal Barla, Xavier Granier, Christophe Schlick

Session 2 - Binary Shading

Semi-Automatic Stencil Creation Through Error Minimization ACM DOI Author version
Jonathan Bronson, Penny Rheingans, Marc Olano
Artistic Thresholding ACM DOI Project
Jie Xu, Craig S. Kaplan
Stylized Black and White Images from Photographs ACM DOI Project
David Mould, Kevin Grant

Session 3 - View and Shape Transformations

Rigid Shape Interpolation Using Normal Equations ACM DOI Project
William Baxter, Pascal Barla, Ken-ichi Anjyo
DynaFusion: a Modeling System for Interactive Impossible Objects ACM DOI Author version
Shigeru Owada, Jun Fujiki
Non-linear Perspective Widgets for Creating Multiple-View Images ACM DOI Project
Nisha Sudarsanam, Cindy Grimm, Karan Singh

Session 4 - Groups and Mosaics

Cut-out Image Mosaics ACM DOI Project
, Craig S. Kaplan
3D Dynamic Grouping for Guided Stylization ACM DOI Project
Hedlena Bezerra, Elmar Eisemann, Xavier Décoret, Joëlle Thollot

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