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ACM Digital Library: Proceedings of the 2015 symposium on Interactive 3D graphics and games

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Moment Shadow Mapping Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Christoph Peters, Reinhard Klein
Frustum-Traced Raster Shadows: Revisiting Irregular Z-Buffers (Author Preprint) (Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video)
Chris Wyman, Rama Hoetzlein, Aaron Lefohn
Fast, Memory-Efficient Construction of Voxelized Shadows Author Preprint
Viktor Kampe, Erik Sintorn, Ulf Assarsson

Subdivision and Collision

Dynamic Feature-Adaptive Subdivision Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Henry Schafer, Jens Raab, Mark Meyer, Marc Stamminger, Matthias Nießner
Parallel Reyes-style Adaptive Subdivision with Bounded Memory Usage Author Preprint
Thomas Weber, Michael Wimmer, John D. Owens
Interactive Continuous Collision Detection for Topology Changing Models Using Dynamic Clustering Author Preprint
Liang He, Ricardo Ortizy, Andinet Enquobahriey, Dinesh Manocha


Simulation and Rendering for Millions of Grass Blades Author Preprint
Zengzhi Fan, Hongwei Li, Hillesland Karl, Bin Sheng
Position-based Fluid Control Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Shuai Zhang, Xubo Yang, Ziqi Wu, Haibo Liu
Animating 3D Vegetation in Real-time Using a 2D Approach
Kan Chen, Henry Johan


Building Helper Bone Rigs from Examples Author Preprint Paper Video
Tomohiko Mukai
Computer-Assisted Authoring of Interactive Narratives
Mubbasir Kapadia, Jessica Falk, Fabio Zund, Marti Marcel, Bob Sumner
Procedural Window Lighting Effects for Real-Time City Rendering Author Preprint Paper Video
Jennifer Chandler, Lei Yang, Liu Ren

Fast Rendering

Real-time Radiance Caching using Chrominance Compression Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Demo Program or Source Code
Kostas Vardis, Georgios Papaioannou, Anastasios Gkaravelis
Efficient GPU Screen-Space Ray Tracing Paper Abstract Author Preprint Demo Program or Source Code
Morgan McGuire, Michael Mara
Compressed Coverage Masks for Path Rendering on Mobile GPUs Author Preprint
Pavel Krajcevski, Dinesh Manocha


Fast Distance Queries for Triangles, Lines, and Points using SSE Instructions Paper Abstract Author Preprint Demo Program or Source Code
Evan Shellshear, Robin Ytterlid
A Simple Method for Correcting Facet Orientations in Polygon Meshes Based on Ray Casting (Paper Abstract Author Preprint) (Paper Abstract Author Preprint Demo Program or Source Code)
Kenshi Takayama, Alec Jacobson, Ladislav Kavan, Olga Sorkine-Hornung
BVH Split Strategies for Fast Distance Queries Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Robin Ytterlid, Evan Shellshear

Sampling and Filtering

Aggregate G-Buffer Anti-Aliasing Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Cyril Crassin, Morgan McGuire, Kayvon Fatahalian, Aaron Lefohn
Real-time Depth of Field using Multi-Layer Filtering
Kai Selgrad, Christian Reintges, Dominik Penk, Pascal Wagner, Marc Stamminger

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