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ACM Digital Library: Proceedings of the 2011 symposium on Interactive 3D graphics and games

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Filtering and Reconstruction

A Local Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Stochastic Rendering Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Peter Shirley, Timo Aila, Jonathan Cohen, Eric Enderton, Samuli Laine, David Luebke, Morgan McGuire
Subpixel Reconstruction Antialiasing Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Presentation Paper Images Demo Program or Source Code
Matthäus G. Chajdas, Morgan McGuire, David Luebke
High Quality Elliptical Texture Filtering on GPU Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Pavlos Mavridis, Georgios Papaioannou

Lighting in Participating Media

Transmittance Function Mapping Author Preprint Paper Video
Cyril Delalandre, Pascal Gautron, Jean-Eudes Marvie, Guillaume Francois
Real-Time Volumetric Shadows using 1D Min-Max Mipmaps Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Jiawen Chen, Ilya Baran, Fredo Durand, Wojciech Jarosz
Real-Time Volume Caustics with Adaptive Beam Tracing Author Preprint
Gabor Liktor, Carsten Dachsbacher

Collision & Sound

Sound Synthesis for Impact Sounds in Video Games Paper Abstract Author Preprint
D. Brandon Lloyd, Nikunj Raghuvanshi, Naga K. Govindaraju
Collision-Streams: Fast GPU-based Collision Detection for Deformable Models Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Min Tang, Dinesh Manocha, Jiang Lin, and Ruofeng Tong
Fast Continuous Collision Detection using Parallel Filter in Subspace
Chen Tang, Sheng Li, Guoping Wang


Shadow Caster Culling for Efficient Shadow Mapping Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Presentation Paper Images
Jiri Bittner, Oliver Mattausch, Ari Silvennoinen, Michael Wimmer
Hardware-Accelerated Colored Stochastic Shadow Maps Author Preprint (TR) Paper Images Paper Data
Morgan McGuire, Eric Enderton
Sample Distribution Shadow Maps Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Demo Program or Source Code Earlier siggraph talk
Andrew Lauritzen, Marco Salvi, Aaron Lefohn

Refraction & Global Illumination

Voxel-based Global Illumination Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Sinje Thiedemann, Niklas Henrich, Thorsten Grosch, Stefan Muller
Real-Time Rough Refraction Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Images
Charles De Rousiers, Adrien Bousseau, Kartic Subr, Nicolas Holzschuch, Ravi Ramamoorth
Screen-Space Bias Compensation for High Quality Rendering with Virtual Point Lights Author Preprint
Jan Novak, Thomas Engelhardt, Carsten Dachsbacher

Human Animation

Motion Rings for Interactive Gait Synthesis Author Preprint Paper Video
Tomohiko Mukai
Realtime Human Motion Control with A Small Number of Inertial Sensors Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Huajun Liu, Xiaolin Wei, Jinxiang Chai, Inwoo Ha, Taehyun Rhee
A Modular Framework for Adaptive Agent-Based Steering Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Shawn Singh, Mubbasir Kapadia, Glenn Reinman, Petros Faloutsos

Geometric and Procedural Modeling

Editable Polycube Map for GPU-based Subdivision Surfaces Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Jiazhi Xia, Ismael Garcia, Ying He, Shi-Qing Xi, Gustavo Patow
GPU Surface Curvature Estimation on Deformable Meshes Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Wesley Griffin, Yu Wang, David Berrios, Marc Olano
Urban Ecosystem Design Author Preprint
Bedrich Benes, Michel Abdul Massih, Philip Jarvis, Daniel G. Aliaga, Carlos A. Vanegas

Interactivity and Interaction

Data Management for SSDs for Large-Scale Interactive Graphics Applications Author Preprint
Behzad Sajadi, Shan Jiang, Jae-Pil Heo Sung-Eui Yoon, M. Gopi
Coherent Image-Based Rendering of Real-World Objects Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Stefan Hauswiesner, Matthias Straka, Gerhard Reitmayr
Slice WIM: A Multi-Surface, Multi-Touch Interface for Overview+Detail Exploration of Volume Datasets in Virtual Reality Author Preprint Paper Video
Dane Coffey, Nicholas Malbraaten, Trung Le, Iman Borazjani, Fotis Sotiropoulous, Daniel F. Keefe

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