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ACM Digital Library: Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on High Performance Graphics 2020

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High-Performance Rendering

Generalized Light Portals Author Preprint Paper Presentation
Shinji Ogaki
Efficient Adaptive Deferred Shading with Hardware Scatter Tiles Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Presentation
Ian Mallett, Cem Yuksel, Larry Seiler
Late Input Sampling and Post-Render Warping Improves Aiming Under High Latency Conditions Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Joohwan Kim, Pyarelal Knowles, Josef Spjut, Ben Boudaoud, Morgan McGuire

Image-Based Computing

Neural Denoising for Path Tracing of Medical Volumetric Data Paper Abstract Demo Program or Source Code
Nikolai Hofmann, Jana Martschinke, Klaus Engel, Marc Stamminger
High-Performance Image Filters via Sparse Approximations Paper Abstract Author Preprint Demo Program or Source Code
Kersten Schuster, Philip Trettner, Leif Kobbelt
ꟻLIP: A Difference Evaluator for Alternating Images Paper Abstract Author Preprint Demo Program or Source Code
Pontus Andersson, Jim Nilsson, Tomas Akenine-Moller, Magnus Oskarsson, Kalle Astrom, Mark D. Fairchild

Rendering Thin or Transparent Objects

Quadratic Approximation of Cubic Curves Paper Abstract Author Preprint Demo Program or Source Code
Nghia Truong, Cem Yuksel, Larry Seiler
Using Hardware Ray Transforms to Accelerate Ray/Primitive Intersections for Long, Thin Primitive Types Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Ingo Wald, Nathan Morrical, Stefan Zellmann, Lei Ma, Will Usher, Tiejun Huang, Valerio Pascucci
Sub-triangle opacity masks for faster ray tracing of transparent objects
Holger Gruen, Carsten Benthin, Sven Woop

Hardware Architectures and Space Partitioning

Compacted CPU/GPU Data Compression via Modified Virtual Address Translation Author Preprint
Larry Seiler, Daqi Lin, Cem Yuksel
Hardware-Accelerated Dual-Split Trees Author Preprint
Daqi Lin, Elena Vasiou, Cem Yuksel, Daniel Kopta, Erik Brunvand
Concurrent Binary Trees (with application to longest edge bisection) Author Preprint Paper Video Demo Program or Source Code
Jonathan Dupuy

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