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Paper Session - Rendering

HMLFC: Hierarchical Motion-Compensated Light Field Compression for Interactive Rendering Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Srihari Pratapa, Dinesh Manocha
An Analysis of Region Clustered BVH Volume Rendering on GPU
David Ganter, Michael Manzke
Real-Time Analytic Antialiased Text for 3-D Environments
Apollo Ellis, Warren Hunt, John Hart

Paper Session 2 (short papers) - Ray Tracing: Hardware and Performance

Mach-RT: A Many Chip Architecture for Ray Tracing Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Elena Vasiou, Konstantin Shkurko, Erik Brunvand, Cem Yuksel
RTX Beyond Ray Tracing: Exploring the Use of Hardware Ray Tracing Cores for Tet-Mesh Point Location Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Ingo Wald, Will Usher, Nate Morrical, Laura Lediaev, Valerio Pascucci
Wide BVH Traversal with a Short Stack Author Preprint
Karthik Vaidyanathan, Sven Woop, Carsten Benthin

Paper Session 3 (short papers) - Doing more with each ray

Dynamic Many-Light Sampling for Real-Time Ray Tracing Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Pierre Moreau, Matt Pharr, Petrik Clarberg
Stochastic Lightcuts Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Cem Yuksel
Temporally Dense Ray Tracing Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Pontus Andersson, Jim Nilsson, Marco Salvi, Josef Spjut, Tomas Akenine-Möller

Paper Session 4 (short papers) - Rasterization Techniques and Ray Tracing Applications

Patch Textures: Hardware Implementation of Mesh Colors Author Preprint
Ian Mallett, Larry Seiler, Cem Yuksel
A Practical and Efficient Approach for Correct Z-Pass Stencil Shadow Volumes
Baran Usta, Leonardo Scandolo, Markus Billeter, Ricardo Marroquim, Elmar Eisemann
Real-Time Ray Tracing on Head-Mounted-Displays for Advanced Visualization of Sheet Metal Stamping Defects
Andreas Dietrich, Jan Wurster, Eric Kam, Thomas Gierlinger

Paper Session 5 - Simulation and Optimization

An Efficient Solution to Structured Optimization Problems using Recursive Matrices
Darius Ruckert, Marc Stamminger
Position-Based Simulation of Elastic Models on the GPU with Energy Aware Gauss-Seidel Algorithm Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Ozan Cetinaslan
Distortion-Free Displacement Mapping Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Demo Program or Source Code
Tobias Zirr, Tobias Ritschel

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