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Acceleration Data Structures

Spatial Splits in Bounding Volume Hierarchies ACM DOI Author version
Martin Stich, Heiko Friedrich, Andreas Dietrich (NVIDIA Corporation)
Object Partitioning Considered Harmful: Space Subdivision for BVHs ACM DOI Author version Project
Stefan Popov, Iliyan Georgiev, Rossen Dimov, Philipp Slusallek (Saarland University)
A Parallel Algorithm for Construction of Uniform Grids ACM DOI Author version
Javor Kalojanov, Philipp Slusallek (Saarland University)

Graphics Hardware

CFU: Multi-Purpose Configurable Filtering Unit for Mobile Multimedia Applications on Graphics Hardware ACM DOI Author version
Chih-Hao Sun, You-Ming Tsao, Ka-Hang Lok, Chia-Ming Chang, Shao-Yi Chien (National Taiwan University)
Scaling of 3D Game Engine Workloads on Modern Multi-GPU Systems ACM DOI Author version
Jordi Roca Monfort (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)), Mark Grossman (Advanced Micro Devices)
Embedded Function Composition ACM DOI Author version
Turner Whitted, Jim Kajiya, Erik Ruf, Ray Bittner (Microsoft Research)


Efficient depth peeling via bucket sort ACM DOI Author version
Fang Liu, Meng-Cheng Huang, Xue-Hui Liu (Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences), En-Hua Wu (Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of Macau)
Data-Parallel Rasterization of Micropolygons With Defocus and Motion Blur ACM DOI Author version Project
Kayvon Fatahalian, Edward Luong, Solomon Boulos (Stanford University), Kurt Akeley (Microsoft Research), William R. Mark (Intel Corporation), Pat Hanrahan (Stanford University)
Accelerating Shadow Rays Using Volumetric Occluders and Modified kd-Tree Traversal ACM DOI Author version Project
Peter Djeu, Sean Keely (University of Texas at Austin), Warren Hunt (Intel Corporation)

Shading and Geometry

Hardware-Accelerated Global Illumination by Image Space Photon Mapping ACM DOI Author version Project
Morgan McGuire (Williams College), David Luebke (NVIDIA Corporation)
Image Space Gathering ACM DOI Author version
Austin Robison, Peter Shirley (NVIDIA Research)
Parallel View-Dependent Tessellation of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces ACM DOI Author version
Anjul Patney (University of California, Davis), Mohamed Ebeida (Carnegie Mellon University), John Owens (University of California, Davis)


Morphological Antialiasing ACM DOI Author version
Alexander Reshetov (Intel Corporation)
Selective and Adaptive Supersampling for Real-Time Ray Tracing ACM DOI Author version
Bongjun Jin, Insung Ihm, Byungjoon Jang (Sogang University), Chanmin Park, Wonjong Lee, Seokyoon Jung (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)
A Directionally Adaptive Edge Anti-Aliasing Filter ACM DOI Author version
Konstantine Iourcha, Jason Yang, Andrew Pomianowski (Advanced Micro Devices)

Efficient Ray Tracing

Efficient Ray Traced Soft Shadows using Multi-Frusta Traversal ACM DOI Author version
Carsten Benthin, Ingo Wald (Intel Corporation)
Understanding the Efficiency of Ray Traversal on GPUs ACM DOI Author version
Timo Aila, Samuli Laine (NVIDIA Corporation)
Faster Incoherent Rays: Multi-BVH Ray Stream Tracing ACM DOI (Google)
John Tsakok (Intel Corporation)

GPU Computing

Efficient Stream Compaction on Wide SIMD Many-Core Architectures ACM DOI Author version
Markus Billeter, Ola Olsson, Ulf Assarsson (Chalmers University of Technology)
Fast Minimum Spanning Tree for Large Graphs on the GPU ACM DOI Author version
Vibhav Vineet, Pawan Harish, Suryakant Patidar P. J. Narayanan (International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad)
Stream Compaction for Deferred Shading ACM DOI Author version
Jared Hoberock (NVIDIA Corporation), Victor Lu, Yuntao Jia, John C. Hart (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign)

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