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Session 2: Animation (Chair: Pierre Poulin)

Formation Sketching: An Approach to Stylize Groups in Crowd Simulation
Qin Gu, Zhigang Deng
A Hybrid Interpolation Scheme for Footprint-driven Walking Synthesis
Ben van Basten, Sybren Stuvel, Arjan Egges
Physically Based Baking Animations with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (Abstract, Video)
Omar Rodriguez-Arenas, Yee-Hong Yang
Mid-level Smoke Control for 2D Animation
Alfred Barnat, Zeyang Li, James McCann, Nancy Pollard

Session 3: Target Acquisition & Interaction (Chair: Kellogg Booth)

Target Following Performance in the Presence of Latency, Jitter, and Signal Dropouts
Andriy Pavlovych, Wolfgang Sturzlinger
Pop-up Depth Views for Improving 3D Target Acquisition
Guangyu Wang, Michael McGuffin, Francois Berard, Jeremy Cooperstock
3D Sketching Using Interactive Fabric for Tangible and Bimanual Input
Anamary Leal, Laurel Schaefer, Doug Bowman, Francis Quek, Clarissa Stiles
2D Similarity Transformations on Multi-Touch Surfaces
Behrooz Ashtiani, Wolfgang Sturzlinger
Syntherella : A Feedback Synthesizer for Efficient Exploration of Virtual Worlds using a Screen Reader
Bugra Oktay, Eelke Folmer

Session 4: Modeling (Chair: Minglun Gong)

Occlusion Tiling
Dorian Gomez, Pierre Poulin, Mathias Paulin
Approximative Occlusion Culling Using the Hull Tree
Tim Suess, Clemens Koch, Claudius Jaehn, Matthias Fischer
Component-based Procedural Modeling of Complete Buildings
Luc Leblanc, Jocelyn Houle, Pierre Poulin
Data Structures for Interactive High Resolution Level-Set Surface Editing
Manolya Eyiyurekli, David Breen

Session 5: Visualization Interfaces (Chair:Jeremy Cooperstock)

Visual Encodings that Support Physical Navigation on Large Displays
Alex Endert, Christopher Andrews, Yueh Hua Lee, Chris North
AppMap : Exploring User Interface Visualizations
Michael Rooke, Tovi Grossman, George Fitzmaurice
Towards Ideal Window Layouts for Multi-party, Gaze-aware Desktop Videoconferencing
Sasa Junuzovic, Kori Inkpen, Rajesh Hegde, Zhengyou Zhang

Best Student Papers

Structure-preserving Stippling by Priority-based Error Diffusion
Hua Li, David Mould
Ubiquitous Cursor: A Comparison of Direct and Indirect Pointing Feedback in Multi-Display Environments
Robert Xiao, Miguel Nacenta, Regan Mandryk, Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin

Session 6: Rendering (Chair: Bill Cowan)

Implicit and Dynamic Trees for High Performance Rendering
Nathan Andrysco, Xavier Tricoche
A Computational Complexity Reduction Framework for Closed-Form Single Scattering with a Generic Representation of Angular Distributions
Vincent Pegoraro, Mathias Schott, Philipp Slusallek
Sample-Space Bright Spots Removal Using Density Estimation
Anthony Pajot, Loic Barthe, Mathias Paulin
Render-Time Procedural Per-Pixel Geometry Generation
Jean- Eudes Marvie, Pascal Gautron, Patrice Hirtzlin, Gael Sourimant

Session 7: Graph Interaction (Chair: Christopher Collins)

Improving Revisitation in Graphs through Static Spatial Features
Sohaib Ghani, Niklas Elmqvist
The Effect of Animation, Dual-View, Difference Layers and Relative Re-Layout in Hierarchical Diagram Differencing
Loutfouz Zaman, Ashish Kalra, Wolfgang Sturzlinger

Session 9: Video Games (Chair: Kori Inkpen)

Effects of View, Input Device, and Track Width on Video Game Driving
Scott Bateman, Andre Doucette, Robert Xiao, Carl Gutwin, Regan Mandryk, Andy Cockburn
Investigating Communication and Social Practices in Real-Time Strategy Games: Are In-Game Tools Sufficient to Support the Overall Gaming Experience?
Phillip McClelland, Simon Whitmell, Stacey Scott
Pet-N-Punch: Upper Body Tactile/Audio Exergame to Engage Children with Visual Impairments into Physical Activity
Tony Morelli, John Foley, Lauren Lieberman, Eelke Folmer

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