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Session 1: Input & Interaction

Graphically Enhanced Keyboard Accelerators for GUIs (Thesis)
Jeff Hendy, Kellogg Booth, Joanna McGrenere
Characterizing Large-Scale Use of a Direct Manipulation Application in the Wild (TR)
Benjamin Lafreniere, Andrea Bunt, John Whissell, Charles L. A. Clarke, Michael Terry
Multi-Modal Text Entry and Selection on Mobile Devices
David Dearman, Amy Karlson, Brian Meyers, Ben Bederson
A Comparison of Techniques for In-Place Toolbars
Andre Doucette, Carl Gutwin, Regan Mandryk
A New Interface for Cloning Objects in Drawing Systems
Loutfouz Zaman, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

Session 2: Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Translation by Iterative Collaboration between Monolingual Users (TR)
Chang Hu, Benjamin Bederson, Philip Resnik
Automatic Camera Control Using Unobtrusive Vision and Audio Tracking
Abhishek Ranjan, Jeremy Birnholtz, Rorik Henrikson, Ravin Balakrishnan, Dana Lee
Awareness Beyond the Desktop: Exploring Attention and Distraction with a Projected Peripheral-Vision Display
Jeremy Birnholtz, Lindsay Reynolds, Eli Luxenberg, Carl Gutwin, Maryam Mustafa
Users' (Mis)Conceptions of Social Applications
Andrew Besmer, Heather Lipford

Session 3: Photo Zoom

Photo Zoom: High Resolution from Unordered Image Collections
Martin Eisemann, Elmar Eisemann, Hans-Peter Seidel, Marcus Magnor
Interactive Content-Aware Zooming(Prpject 2)
Pierre-Yves Laffont, Jong Yun Jun, Christian Wolf, Yu-Wing Tai, Khalid Idrissi, George Drettakis, Sung-eui Yoon

Session 4: Background Estimation

Real-Time Video Matting using Multichannel Poisson Equations
Minglun Gong, Liang Wang, Ruigang Yang, Yee-Hong Yang
Background Estimation using Graph Cuts and Inpainting
Xida Chen, Yufeng Shen, Herb Yang

Session 5: Visualization

Interactive Visualization and Navigation of Web Search Results Revealing Community Structures and Bridges
Arnaud Sallaberry, Faraz Zaidi, Christian Pich, Guy Melancon
Visualizing Patterns with Uncertainty in Large Graphs
Pierre-Yves Koenig, Faraz Zaidi, Daniel Archambault
Improving Interaction Models for Generating and Managing Alternative Ideas during Early Design Work
Brittany Smith, Brian Bailey
Visual Links across Applications
Manuela Waldner, Werner Puff, Alexander Lex, Marc Streit, Dieter Schmalstieg
Interactive Illustrative Visualization of Hierarchical Volume Data
Jean-Paul Balabanian, Ivan Viola, Eduard Groller

Session 6: Rendering and Visibility

Two-Level Ray Tracing with Reordering for Highly Complex Scenes
Johannes Hanika, Alexander Keller, Hendrik Lensch
Memory Efficient Ray Tracing with Hierarchical Mesh Quantization
Benjamin Segovia, Manfred Ernst
Hybrid Rendering of Dynamic Heightfields using Ray-Casting and Mesh Rasterization
Lucas Ammann, Olivier Genevaux, Jean-Michel Dischler
Frontier Sets in Large Terrains (Thesis)
Shachar Avni, James Stewart

Session 7: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Visuohaptic Borescope Inspection Simulation Training: Modeling Multi-Point Collision Detection/Response and Evaluating Skills Transfer
Deepak Vembar, Andrew Duchowski, Melissa Paul, Anand Gramopadhye, Carl Washburn
Whale Tank Virtual Reality (Thesis)
Evgeny Maksakov, Kirstie Hawkey, Kellogg Booth
Techniques for View Transition in Multi-Camera Outdoor Environments
Eduardo Veas, Alessandro Mulloni, Ernst Kruijff, Holger Regenbrecht, Dieter Schmalstieg
Seek-n-Tag: A Game for Labeling and Classifying Virtual World Objects (Video)
Bei Yuan, Manjari Sapre, Eelke Folmer

Session 8: Modeling

Crafting 3D Faces Using Free Form Portrait Sketching and Plausible Texture Inference
Tanasai Sucontphunt, Borom Tunwattanapong, Zhigang Deng, Ulrich Neumann
Component-Based Model Synthesis for Low Polygonal Models
Nicolas Marechal, Eric Galin, Eric Guerin, Samir Akkouche
Image-Assisted Modeling from Sketches
Luke Olsen, Faramarz Samavati

Session 9: Navigation

Anchored Navigation: Coupling Panning Operation with Zooming and Tilting Based on the Anchor Point on a Map
Kazuyuki Fujita, Kazuki Takashima, Takayuki Tsukitani, Yuichi Itoh, Yoshifumi Kitamura, Fumio Kishino
TouchMark: Flexible Document Navigation and Bookmarking Techniques for E-Book Readers
Doug Wightman, Tim Ginn, Roel Vertegaal

Session 10: Gestures and Pointing

A Lightweight Multistroke Recognizer for User Interface Prototypes
Lisa Anthony, Jacob Wobbrock
Design and Evaluation of Interaction Models for Multi-touch Mice
Hrvoje Benko, Shahram Izadi, Andrew D. Wilson, Xiang Cao, Dan Rosenfeld, Ken Hinckley
Understanding UsersíŽ Preferences for Surface Gestures
Merrie Morris, Jacob Wobbrock, Andrew D. Wilson
A Comparison of Ray Pointing Techniques for Very Large Displays (TR)
Ricardo Jota, Miguel A. Nacenta, Joaquim Jorge, Sheelagh Carpendale, Saul Greenberg

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