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Twinned Meshes for Dynamic Triangulation of Implicit Surfaces
Antoine Bouthors, Matthieu Nesme
Constrained Planar Remeshing for Architecture
Barbara Cutler, Emily Whiting
Analysis of Segmented Human Body Scans
Pengcheng Xi, Won-Sook Lee, Chang Shu
Improved Surface Construction for Freeform Modeling
Florian Levet, Xavier Granier
Surface Distance Maps
Avneesh Sud, Naga Govindaraju, Russell Gayle, Erik Andersen, Dinesh Manocha

NPR and Sketching

Calligraphic Packing
Jie Xu, Craig S. Kaplan
A Method for Cartoon-Style Rendering of Liquid Animations
Ashley Eden, Adam Bargteil, Tolga Goktekin, Sarah Beth Eisinger, James O'Brien
GPU-based Rendering and Animation for Chinese Painting Cartoon
Manli Yuan, Xubo Yang, Shuangjiu Xiao, Zheng Ren
Magic Canvas: Interactive Design of a 3-D Scene Prototype from Freehand Sketches
HyoJong Shin, Takeo Igarashi
Can Smooth View Transitions Facilitate Perceptual Constancy in Node-Link Diagrams?
Christel Kemke, Pourang Irani, Carl Gutwin

Input and Interaction

Design as Traversal and Consequences: An Exploration Tool for Experimental Designs
Christopher G. Jennings, Arthur E. Kirkpatrick
A Mixing Board Interface for Graphics and Visualization Applications
Matthew Crider, Steven Bergner, Thomas Smyth, Torsten Moller, Arthur E. Kirkpatrick, Melanie Tory
Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel: Thumb-based Interaction Techniques for Input on Steering Wheels
Ivan Gonzalez, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Duen Horng Chau, Andrew Faulring, Brad A. Myers
TwoStick: Writing with a Game Controller
Thomas Költringer, Poika Isokoski, Thomas Grechenig
Pointer Warping in Heterogeneous Multi-Monitor Environments
Hrvoje Benko, Steven Feiner

User Interfaces and UI Design

BlueTable: Connecting Wireless Mobile Devices on Interactive Surfaces Using Vision-Based Handshaking
Andy Wilson, Raman Sarin
Jump: A System for Interactive, Tangible Queries of Paper
Michael Terry, Janet Cheung, Justin Lee, Terry Park, Nigel Williams
Animation in a Peripheral Display: Distraction, Appeal, and Information Conveyance in Varying Display Configurations
Christopher Plaue, John Stasko
Should I Call Now? Understanding What Context is Considered When Deciding Whether to Initiate Remote Communication via Mobile Devices
Brian Bailey, Ed De Guzman, Moushumi Sharmin
Location-Dependant Information Appliances for the Home
Kathryn Elliot, Mark Watson, Carman Neustaedter, Saul Greenberg">Saul Greenberg

Real-Time Rendering

Fitted Virtual Shadow Maps
Markus Giegl, Michael Wimmer
Wavelet Encoding of BRDFs for Real-Time Rendering
Luc Claustres, Loic Barthe, Mathias Paulin
Packet-based Whitted and Distribution Ray Tracing
Solomon Boulos, Dave Edwards, J Dylan Lacewell, Joe Kniss, Jan Kautz, Ingo Wald, Peter Shirley
Interactive Refractions with Total Internal Reflection
Scott T. Davis, Chris Wyman

Collaboration and Communication

The Effects of Interaction Techniques on Coordination and Conflict in Tabletop Groupware
Miguel Nacenta, David Pinelle, Dane Stuckel, Carl Gutwin
A Digital Family Calendar in the Home: Lessons from Field Trials of LINC
Carman Neustaedter, A.J. Brush, Saul Greenberg
Understanding the Design Space of Referencing in Collaborative Augmented Reality Environments
Jeffrey Chastine, Kristine Nagel, Ying Zhu, Luca Yearsovich
PrivateBits: Managing Visual Privacy within Web Browsers
Kirstie Hawkey, Kori Inkpen
Progressive Multiples for Communication-Minded Visualization
Doantam Phan, Andreas Paepcke, Terry Winograd


Robust Pixel Classification for 3D Modeling with Structured Light
Yi Xu, Daniel G. Aliaga
Real-time Backward Disparity-based Rendering for Dynamic Scenes using Programmable Graphics Hardware
Minglun Gong, Jason M. Selzer, Cheng Lei, Yee-Hong Yang
Optimized Tile-Based Texture Synthesis
Weiming Dong, Ning Zhou, Jean-Claude Paul
Improved Image Quilting
Jeremy Long, David Mould
On Visual Quality of Optimal 3D Sampling and Reconstruction
Tai Meng, Benjamin Smith, Alireza Entezari, A rthur E. Kirkpatrick, Daniel Weiskopf, Leila Kalantari, Torsten Moller


Feature Peeling
Muhammad Muddassir Malik, Torsten Möller, Meister Eduard Gröller
Visualization and Exploration of Spatio-temporal Medical Image Data Sets
Zhe Fang, Torsten Moller, Ghassan Hamarneh, Anna Celler
Point-based Stream Surfaces and Path Surfaces
Tobias Schafhitzel, Eduardo Tejada, Daniel Weiskopf, Thomas Ertl
Isochords: Visualizing Structure in Music
Tony Bergstrom, Karrie Karahalios, John C. Hart

Meshes and Compression

A GPU Based Interactive Modeling Approach to Designing Fine Level Features
Xin Huang, Sheng Li, Guoping Wang
Adapting Wavelet Compression to Human Motion Capture Clips
Philippe Beaudoin, Pierre Poulin, and Michiel van de Panne
Stretch-based Tetrahedral Mesh Manipulation
Wenhao Song, Ligang Liu
Spectral Graph-Theoretic Approach to 3D Mesh Watermarking
Emad Abdallah, Abdessamad Ben Hamza, Prabir Bhattacharya
Optimized Subdivisions for Preprocessed Visibility
Oliver Mattausch, Ji?i Bittner, Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer

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