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Paper Session: Capturing Nature

Single-Shot Layered Reflectance Separation using a Polarized Light Field Camera Paper Abstract
Jaewon Kim, Shahram Izadi, Abhijeet Ghosh
Perceptually Motivated BRDF Comparison using Single Image Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Data Demo Program or Source Code
Vlastimil Havran, Jiri Filip, Karol Myszkowski
A phenomenological model for throughfall rendering in real-time Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Presentation
Yoann Weber, Vincent Jolivet, Guillaume Gilet, Kazuki Nanko, Djamchid Ghazanfarpour

Paper session: Into the pipeline

4D-rasterization for Fast Soft Shadow Rendering
Lili Wang, Qi Zhao, Cunlei Meng, Voicu Popescu
Local Shape Editing at the Compositing Stage Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Carlos Jorge Zubiaga, Gael Guennebaud, Romain Vergne, Pascal Barla

Paper session: Sampling

Solid Angle Sampling of Disk and Cylinder Lights Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Manuel Gamito
Improving the Dwivedi sampling scheme Author Preprint
Johannes Meng, Johannes Hanika, Carsten Dachsbacher
Line Sampling for Direct Illumination Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Niels Billen, Philip Dutré
Projective blue-noise sampling Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Bernhard Reinert, Tobias Ritschel, Hans-Peter Seidel, Iliyan Georgiev

Paper session: Light Transport 1

Parallel Multiple-Bounce Irradiance Caching Author Preprint
Nathaniel Jones, Christoph Reinhart
Product Importance Sampling for Transport Path Guiding
Sebastian Herholz, Oskar Elek, Jiri Vorba, Hendrik Lensch, Jaroslav Krivanek
Forward Light Cuts: A Scalable Approach for Real-Time Global Illumination Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Gilles Laurent, Gregoire de La Riviere, Cyril Delalandre, Tamy Boubekeur

Paper session: Looking Through Surfaces

Sparse high-degree polynomials for wide-angle lenses Author Preprint Demo Program or Source Code
Emanuel Schrade, Johannes Hanika, Carsten Dachsbacher
Efficient Ray Tracing Through Aspheric Lenses and Imperfect Bokeh Synthesis Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Hyuntae Joo, Soonhyeon Kwon, Sangmin Lee, Elmar Eisemann, Sungkil Lee
Shape Depiction for Transparent Objects with Bucketed k-Buffer Paper Abstract Author Preprint
David Murray

Paper Session: Faster Rendering

Fast Shadow Map Rendering for Many Lights Settings
Kai Selgrad, Jonas Muller, Christian Reintges, Marc Stamminger
Nonlinearly Weighted First-Order Regression for Denoising Monte Carlo Renderings Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Demo Program or Source Code
Benedikt Bitterli, Fabrice Rousselle, Bochang Moon, Jose A. Iglesias-Guitian, Adler, D., Kenny Mitchell, Wojciech Jarosz, Jan Novak
Fast Filtering of Reflection Probes Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Josiah Manson, Peter-Pike Sloan
Adaptive Image-Space Sampling for Gaze-Contingent Real-time Rendering Author Preprint Paper Video
Michael Stengel, Steve Grogorick, Martin Eisemann, Marcus Magnor

Paper Session: Materials at all Scales

Predicting Visual Perception of Material Structure in Virtual Environments Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Data Demo Program or Source Code
Jiri Filip, Radomir Vavra, Michal Havlicek, Mikulas Krupicka
A Robust and Flexible Real-Time Sparkle Effect Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Beibei Wang, How Bowles
Additional Progress Towards the Unification of Microfacet and Microflake Theories Author Preprint
Jonathan Dupuy, Eric Heitz, Eugene d'Eon
A General Micro-flake Model for Predicting the Appearance of Car Paint Author Preprint
Serkan Ergun, Sermet Onel, Aydin Ozturk

Paper Session: Acceleration Techniques

Constrained Convex Space Partition for Ray Tracing in Architectural Environments Paper Abstract
Maxime Maria, Sebastien Horna, Lilian Aveneau
Deep Partitioned Shadow Volumes using Stackless and Hybrid Traversals Author Preprint
Frederic Mora, Julien Gerhards, Lilian Aveneau, Djamchid Ghazanfarpour
Node Culling Multi-Hit BVH Traversal Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Christiaan Gribble

Paper Session: Light Transport - Part 2

Subdivision Next-Event Estimation for Path-Traced Subsurface Scattering Paper Abstract Author Preprint
David Koerner, Jan Novak, Peter Kutz, Ralf Habel, Wojciech Jarosz
Bi-Directional Polarised Light Transport
Michal Mojzik, Tomas Skrivan , Alexander Wilkie, Jaroslav Krivanek
Point-Based Light Transport for Participating Media with Refractive Boundaries Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Beibei Wang, Jean-Dominique Gascuel, Nicolas Holzschuch

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