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Reflectance and Materials

Optimizing Environment Maps for Material Depiction Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Adrien Bousseau, Emmanuelle Chapoulie, Ravi Ramamoorthi, Maneesh Agrawala
An Energy-Conserving Hair Reflectance Model
Eugene d'Eon, Guillaume Francois, Martin Hill, Joe Letteri, Jean-Marie Aubry
Stone Weathering in a Photograph Author Preprint
Su Xue, Julie Dorsey, Holly Rushmeier


Stratified Sampling for Stochastic Transparency Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Samuli Laine, Tero Karras
Improved Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping with Metropolis Sampling Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Images
Jiating Chen, Bin Wang, Jun-Hai Yong
Efficient Computation of Blue Noise Point Sets through Importance Sampling Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Nima Khademi Kalantari, Pradeep Sen

Geometry for Rendering

Silhouette-aware Warping for Image-based Rendering Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Gaurav Chaurasia, Olga Sorkine, George Drettakis
Improved Model- and View-Dependent Pruning of Large Botanical Scenes Paper Abstract Paper Images
Boris Neubert, Soeren Pirk, Carsten Dachsbacher, Oliver Deussen
ManyLoDs: Parallel Many-View Level-of-Detail Selection for Real-Time Global Illumination Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Matthias Hollander, Tobias Ritschel, Elmar Eisemann, Tamy Boubekeur


Perception of Visual Artifacts in Image-based Rendering of Facades Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Data
Peter Vangorp, Gaurav Chaurasia, Pierre-Yves Laffont, Roland Fleming, George Drettakis
Anaglyph Stereo Without Ghosting Author Preprint Paper Data Demo Program or Source Code
Harald Sanftmann, Daniel Weiskopf
Perceptual Global Illumination Cancellation in Complex Projection Environments Author Preprint Paper Video
Yu Sheng, Barbara Cutler, Chao Chen, Joshua Nasman

Realistic Appearance and Volumes

A Physically Plausible Model for Light Emission from Glowing Solid Objects Author Preprint
Alexander Wilkie, Andrea Weidlich
A Volumetric Approach to Predictive Rendering of Fabrics Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Kai Schroder, Reinhard Klein, Arno Zinke
Progressive Expectation-Maximization for Hierarchical Volumetric Photon Mapping Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Wenzel Jakob, Christian Regg, Wojciech Jarosz

Efficient Textures

Variable Bit Rate GPU Texture Compression Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Marc Olano, Dan Baker, Wesley Griffin, Joshua Barczak
Efficient Packing of Arbitrary Shaped Charts for Automatic Texture Atlas Generation Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Tobias Noll, Didier Stricker
Least Squares Vertex Baking Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Ladislav Kavan, Adam W. Bargteil, Peter-Pike Sloan

Ray Tracing and Real-Time Rendering

Importance Point Projection for GPU-based Final Gathering Author Preprint Paper Video
David Maletz, Rui Wang
Direct Ray Tracing of Phong Tessellation Author Preprint
Shinji Ogaki, Yusuke Tokuyoshi
A Ray Tracing Approach to Diffusion Curves Author Preprint Paper Video
John Bowers, Jonathan Leahey, Rui Wang

Accelerating Global Illumination

Coherent Out-of-Core Point-Based Global Illumination Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Data
Janne Kontkanen, Eric Tabellion, Ryan S. Overbeck
Guided Image Filtering for Interactive High-quality Global Illumination Filtering Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Pablo Bauszat, Martin Eisemann, Marcus Magnor
Making Imperfect Shadow Maps View-Adaptive: High-Quality Global Illumination in Large Dynamic Scenes Author Preprint
Tobias Ritschel, Elmar Eisemann, Inwoo Ha, Hans-Peter Seidel

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