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Computer Graphics Systems

Fragment-Parallel Composite and Filter Paper Abstract Paper Presentation
Anjul Patney, Stanley Tzeng, John Owens
An Optimizing Compiler for Automatic Shader Bounding Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Petrik Clarberg, Robert Toth, Jon Hasselgren, Tomas Akenine-Moller
SafeGI: Type Checking to Improve Correctness in Rendering System Implementation Author Preprint Demo Program or Source Code
Jiawei Ou, Fabio Pellacini

Shadows and Order Independent Transparency

Interactive, Multiresolution Image-Space Rendering for Dynamic Area Lighting Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Greg Nichols, Rajeev Penmatsa, Chris Wyman
Adaptive Volumetric Shadow Maps (Google PDF)
Marco Salvi, Kiril Vidimce, Andrew Lauritzen, Aaron Lefohn
Dynamic Construction of Concurrent Linked-Lists for Real-Time Rendering
Jason Yang, Justin Hensley, Holger Gruen, Nicolas Thibieroz

Indirect Lighting and Ambient Occlusion

Fast Estimation and Rendering of Indirect Highlights Author Preprint Paper Video
Jurgen Laurijssen, Rui Wang, Philip Dutry, Benedict J. Brown
Multi-Image Based Photon Tracing for Interactive Global Illumination of Dynamic Scenes Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Chunhui Yao, Bin Wang, Bin Chan, Jun-Hai Yong, Jean-Claude Paul
Two Methods for Fast Ray-Cast Ambient Occlusion Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Samuli Laine, Tero Karras

Sparse Computing

Sparsely Precomputing The Light Transport Matrix for Real-Time Rendering Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Fu-Chung Huang, Ravi Ramamoorthi
Spectralization: Reconstructing spectra from sparse data Paper Abstract Paper Images
Martin Rump, Reinhard Klein
Compressive estimation for signal integration in rendering Author Preprint
Pradeep Sen, Soheil Darabi

Scattering and Refraction

A Closed-Form Solution to Single Scattering for General Phase Functions and Light Distributions Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Presentation
Vincent Pegoraro, Mathias Schott, Steven G. Parker
Interactive Rendering of Non-Constant, Refractive Media using the Ray Equations of Gradient-Index Optics (Author Preprint) (Author Preprint Paper Video)
Chen Cao, Zhong Ren Baining Guo, Kun Zhou
Layered Particle-Based Fluid Model for Real-Time Rendering of Water Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Images
Florian Bagar, Daniel Scherzer, Michael Wimmer

Computer Graphics Theory

Bounding the Albedo of the Ward Reflectance Model (TR)
David Geisler-Moroder, Arne Dur
On the Effective Dimension of Light Transport Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Presentation Paper Data Demo Program or Source Code
Christian Lessig, Eugene Fiume
On Floating-Point Normal Vectors Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Quirin Meyer, Jochen Suessmuth, Gerd Susner, Marc Stamminger, Gunther Greiner

Texture Generation

An Image-Based Approach for Stochastic Volumetric and Procedural Details Author Preprint
Guillaume Gilet, Jean-Michel Dischler
Patch-based Texture Interpolation Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Presentation Paper Images
Roland Ruiters, Ruwen Schnabel, Reinhard Klein
Semi-Stochastic Tilings for Example-Based Texture Synthesis Author Preprint Paper Video
Thomas Schlomer, Oliver Deussen

Editing of Shadows and Materials

Visibility Editing For All-Frequency Shadow Design (Author Preprint Paper Video) (Author Preprint Paper Video)
Juraj Obert, Fabio Pellacini, Sumanta Pattanaik
BendyLights: Artistic Control of Direct Illumination by Curving Light Rays Author Preprint Paper Video
William B. Kerr, Fabio Pellacini, Jonathan D. Denning
Interactive Editing of Lighting and Materials using a Bivariate BRDF Representation Paper Abstract Author Preprint
Pitchaya Sitthi-amorn, Jason Lawrence, Todd Zickler, Fabiano Romeiro
A PCA Decomposition for Realtime BRDF Editing and Relighting with Global Illumination Author Preprint
Nguyen Chuong, Min-Ho Kyung, Joo-Haeng Lee, Seung-Woo Nam

Procedural Textures and Texture Atlases

Procedural Textures and Texture Atlases Grammar-based Encoding of Facades
Simon Haegler, Peter Wonka, Pascal Mueller, Luc Van Gool
Invisible Seams Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video
Nicolas Ray, Vincent Nivoliers, Sylvain Lefebvre, Bruno Levy
A Dynamic Noise Primitive for Coherent Stylization (Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Images Demo Program or Source Code) (Paper Abstract Author Preprint Paper Video Paper Images Demo Program or Source Code)
Pierre Benard, Ares Lagae, Peter Vangorp, Sylvain Lefebvre, George Drettakis, Joelle Thollot

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