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Eurographics Digital Library: Computer Graphics Forum Volume 24 (2005) Issue 3 (EG 2005 Proceedings)



A Semantic Space Partitioning Approach to Virtual Camera Composition
Marc Christie, Jean-Marie Normand
Predictive Feedback for Interactive Control of Physics-based Characters
Joe Laszlo, Michael Neff, Karan Singh
Pen-and-Ink for BlobTree Implicit Models
Kevin Foster, Pauline Jepp, Brian Wyvill, Mario Costa Sousa, Callum Galbraith, Joaquim A. Jorge

Geometry I

Structure Recovery via Hybrid Variational Surface Approximation
Jianhua Wu, Leif Kobbelt
Support Vector Machines for 3D Shape Processing
Florian Steinke, Bernhard Schoelkopf, Volker Blanz
GeoFilter: Geometric Selection of Mesh Filter Parameters
Byungmoon Kim, Jarek Rossignac

Rendering I

Real-Time Ray-Casting and Advanced Shading of Discrete Isosurfaces
Markus Hadwiger, Christian Sigg, Henning Scharsach, Katja Buhler, Markus Gross
Hierarchical Penumbra Casting
Samuli Laine, Timo Aila
Fast Final Gathering via Reverse Photon Mapping
Vlastimil Havran, Robert Herzog, Hans-Peter Seidel
The Occlusion Camera
Chunhui Mei, Voicu Popescu, Elisha Sacks


Morphology-independent Representation of Motions for Interactive Human-like Animation
Richard Kulpa, Franck Multon, Bruno Arnaldi
Automatic Synchronization of Background Music and Motion in Computer Animation
Hyun-Chul Lee, In-Kwon Lee
Fast Collision Detection for Skeletally Deformable Models
Ladislav Kavan, Jiri Zara
Skinning With Deformable Chunks
Zheng Guo, Kok Cheong Wong

Rendering II

BRDF and Geometry Capture from Extended Inhomogeneous Samples Using Flash Photography
James Paterson, David Claus, Andrew Fitzgibbon
N-Buffers for Efficient Depth Map Query
Xavier Decoret
Temporally Coherent Irradiance Caching for High Quality Animation Rendering
Miloslaw Smyk, Shin-ichi Kinuwaki, Roman Durikovic, Karol Myszkowski
Spectral Volume Rendering Based on the Kubelka-Munk Theory
Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Min Chen

Image and Video Processing

Re-coloring Images for Gamuts of Lower Dimension
Karl Rasche, Robert Geist, James Westall
Light Waving: Estimating Light Positions From Photographs Alone
Holger Winnemoeller, Ankit Mohan, Jack Tumblin, Bruce Gooch
Garment Motion Capture Using Color-Coded Patterns
Volker Scholz, Timo Stich, M. Keckeisen, M. Wacker, Marcus Magnor
Towards Realism in Facial Image Transformation: Results of a Wavelet MRF Method
Bernard Tiddeman, Michael Stirrat, David Perrett

Geometry II

Hierarchyless Simplification, Stripification and Compression of Triangulated Two-Manifolds
Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, M. Gopi, Renato Pajarola
Freelence - Coding with Free Valences
Max Wardetzky, Felix Kalberer, Konrad Polthier, Ulrich Reitebuch
Automatic Generation of Structure Preserving Multiresolution Models
Martin Marinov, Leif Kobbelt

Modelling Nature

Interactive Design of Botanical Trees Using Freehand Sketches and Example-based Editing
Makoto Okabe, Shigeru Owada, Takeo Igarashi
Modelling Plant Variation Through Growth
Lisa Streit, Pavol Federl, Mario Costa Sousa
Realistic Real-Time Rendering of Landscapes Using Billboard Clouds
Stephan Behrendt, Carsten Colditz, Oliver Franzke, Johannes Kopf, Oliver Deussen

Geometry III

Exploiting the Scanning Sequence for Automatic Registration of Large Sets of Range Maps
Paolo Pingi, Andrea Fasano, Paolo Cignoni, Claudio Montani, Roberto Scopigno
Structure Preserving CAD Model Repair
Stephan Bischoff, Leif Kobbelt
Cubical Marching Squares: Adaptive Feature Preserving Surface Extraction from Volume Data
Chien-Chang Ho, Fu-Che Wu, Bing-Yu Chen, Yung-Yu Chuang, Ming Ouhyoung


Fast Summed-Area Table Generation and Its Applications
Justin Hensley, Thorsten Scheuermann, Greg Coombe, Montek Singh, Anselmo Lastra
Pinchmaps: Textures with Customizable Discontinuities
Marco Tarini, Paolo Cignoni
Fractional Fourier Texture Masks: Guiding Near-Regular Texture Synthesis
Andre Nicoll, Jan Meseth, Gero Mueller, Reinhard Klein

Geometry IV

D-Charts: Quasi-Developable Mesh Segmentation
Dan Julius, Vladislav Kraevoy, Alla Sheffer
An Efficient Information Hiding Algorithm for Polygon Models
Chung-Ming Wang, Yu-Ming Cheng
Harmonic Guidance for Surface Deformation
Rhaleb Zayer, Christian Rossl, Zachi Karni, Hans-Peter Seidel
Real-Time Shape Editing Using Radial Basis Functions
Mario Botsch, Leif Kobbelt


Perceptual Evaluation of Impostor Representations for Virtual Humans and Buildings
John Hamill, Rachel McDonnell, Simon Dobbyn, Carol O'Sullivan
Lightness Perception in Tone Reproduction for High Dynamic Range Images
Grzegorz Krawczyk, Karol Myszkowski, Hans-Peter Seidel
Semanticons: Visual Metaphors for Files
Vidya Setlur, Conrad Albrecht-Buehler, Amy Gooch, Bruce Gooch


Interpolatory Refinement for Real-Time Processing of Point-Based Geometry
Gael Guennebaud, Loic Barthe, Mathias Paulin
Efficient Animation of Point-Sampled Thin Shells
Martin Wicke, Denis Steinemann, Markus Gross
Efficient Raytracing of Deforming Point-Sampled Surfaces
Bart Adams, Richard Keiser, Mark Pauly, Leonidas J. Guibas, Markus Gross, Philip Dutre

GPUs & Hardware

GPU Simulation and Rendering of Volumetric Effects for Computer Games and Virtual Environments
Jens Kruger, Rudiger Westermann
Approximate Ray-Tracing on the GPU with Distance Impostors
Laszlo Szirmay-Kalos, Barnabas Aszodi, Istvan Lazanyi, Matyas Premecz
Adaptive Instant Displays: Continuously Calibrated Projections Using Per-Pixel Light Control
Daniel Cotting, Remo Ziegler, Markus Gross, Henry Fuchs

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