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Eurographics Digital Library: Computer Graphics Forum Volume 23 (2004) Issue 3 (EG 2004 Proceedings)


Real-time Illuminaton and Shadows

Approximate Soft Shadows Using an Image-Space Flood-Fill Algorithm
Jukka Arvo, Mika Hirvikorpi, Joonas Tyystjarvi
Rendering with Spherical Radiance Transfer Maps
Chunhui Mei, Jiaoying Shi, Fuli Wu
Real-time Light Animation
Mateu Sbert, Szirmay-Kalos Laszlo, Laszlo Szecsi

Shape modelling

SMARTPAPER -- an Interactive and Intuitive Sketching System
Amit Shesh, Baoquan Chen
Fast Surface Modelling Using a 6th Order PDE
Jian J Zhang, Lihua You
Dupin Cyclide Blends Between Quadric Surfaces for Shape Modeling
Sebti Foufou, Lionel Garnier

Natural Phenomena and Aging

A Biophysically-Based Spectral Model of Light Interaction with Human Skin (Project)
Aravind Krishnaswamy Gladimir V. G. Baranoski,
Simulating and Modeling Lichen Growth
DESBENOIT Brett, Eric Galin, Samir Akkouche
Implicit Visualization and Inverse Modeling of Growing Trees (Project)
Callum Galbraith, Lars Mundermann, Brian Wyvill
A Physically-Based Model for Rendering Realistic Scratches
Carles Bosch, Xavier Pueyo, Stephane Merillou, Djamchid Ghazanfarpour

Geometry Processing

Single-strip triangulation of manifolds with arbitrary topology
Gopi Meenakshisundaram, David Eppstein
Approximated Centroidal Voronoi Diagrams for uniform polygonal mesh coarsening
Sebastien Valette, Jean-Marc Chassery
Anisotropic Filtering of Non-Linear Surface Features (Video)
Klaus Hildebrandt, Konrad Polthier
Computing Maximal Tiles and Applications to Impostor-Based Simplification
Carlos Andujar, Pere Brunet, Antoni Chica, Jarek Rossignac, Isabel Navazo, Alvar Vinacua

Stylised Animation and Rendering

A System for View-Dependent Animation (Project)
Parag Chaudhuri, Prem Kalra, Subhashis Banerjee
High Quality Hatching
Johannes Zander, Tobias Isenberg, Stefan Schlechtweg, Thomas Strothotte
Virtual Drypoint by a Model-driven Strategy
Daisuke Tasaki, Shinji Mizuno, Minoru Okada

Image Calibration and Matching

The Design of an Inexpensive Very High Resolution Scan Camera System
Shuzhen Wang, Wolfgang Heidrich
Quadric Transfer for Curved Screen Displays
Ramesh Raskar, Jeroen van Baar, Thomas Willwacher, Srinivas Rao
Procedural Texture Matching and Transformation
Eric Bourque, Gregory Dudek

Scientific Visualization

Topological Construction and Visualization of Higher Order 3D Vector Fields
Tino Weinkauf, Holger Theisel, Hans-Christian Hege, Hans-Peter Seidel
Dye Advection Without the Blur: A Level-Set Approach for Texture-Based Visualization of Unsteady Flow
Daniel. Weiskopf
Instant Volumetric Understanding with Order-Independent Volume Rendering
Benjamin Mora, David S. Ebert

Navigation and Crowd Behaviour in Virtual Environments

Way-Finder: Guided Tours Through Complex Walkthrough Models
Carlos Andujar Gran, Pere Pau Vazquez Alcocer, Marta Fairen Gonzalez
Crowd of Virtual Humans: a New approach for Real Time Navigation in Complex and Structured Environments
F. Lamarche, Stephane Donikian
Scalable Behaviours for Crowd Simulation
Mankyu Sung, Michael Gleicher, Stephen Chenney

Simulation with Haptics and Sound

Real-time Rigid Body Simulation for Haptic Interactions Based on Contact Volume of Polygonal Objects
Shoichi Hasegawa, Makoto Sato
Synthesizing Sound from Turbulent using Sound Textures for Interactive Fluid Simulation
Yoshinori Dobashi, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Tomoyuki Nishita
Measurement-based interactive simulation of viscoelastic solids
Jeff Schoner, Jochen Lang, H.-P. Seidel

Distance Fields and Collison Detection

DiFi: Fast 3D Distance Field Computation Using Graphics Hardware
Avneesh Sud, Miguel A. Otaduy, Dinesh Manocha
Point Cloud Collision Detection
Jan Klein, Gabriel Zachmann
Interference Detection for Subdivision Surfaces
Xiaobin Wu, Jorg Peters

Sampling for Global Illumination

Combined Correlated and Importance Sampling in Direct Light Source Computation and Environment Mapping
Szirmay-Kalos Laszlo, Mateu Sbert, Laszlo Szecsi
Balancing Considered Harmful -- Faster Photon Mapping using the Voxel Volume Heuristic
Ingo Wald, Johannes Guenther, Philipp Slusallek
A Progressive Rendering Algorithm Using an Adaptive Perceptually Based Image Metric
Jean-Philippe Farrugia, Bernard Peroche

GPU-based Rendering

Coherent Hierarchical Culling: Hardware Occlusion Queries Made Useful
Jiri Bittner, Michael Wimmer, Harald Piringer, Werner Purgathofer
GPU-Based Nonlinear Ray Tracing
Daniel. Weiskopf, Tobias Schafhitzel, Thomas Ertl
Hardware-Accelerated Rendering of Photo Hulls
Ming Li, Marcus Magnor, Hans-Peter Seidel

Point-based Techniques

Optimized Sub-Sampling of Point Sets for Surface Splatting
Jianhua Wu, Leif Kobbelt
Deferred splatting
G. Guennebaud, M. Paulin, Loic Barthe
VOTS: VOlume doTS as a Point-Based Representation of Volumetric Data
Soren Grimm, Stefan Bruckner, Armin Kanitsar, Eduard Groller

Retargetting and Animating Faces

Exchanging Faces in Images (Project)
Volker Blanz, Kristina Scherbaum, Thomas Vetter, Hans-Peter Seidel
High Resolution Acquisition, Learning and Transfer of Dynamic 3D Facial Expressions
Yang Wang, Xiaolei Huang, Chan-Su Lee, Song Zhang, Zhiguo Li, Dimitris Samaras, Dimitris Metaxas, Ahmed Elgammal, Peisen Huang
Hierarchical Retargeting of Fine Facial Motions (PDF hosted locally at author's request)
Kyunggun Na, Moonryul Jung

Short Presentations & Interactive Demos -- Proceedings from EG web(21.5MB)

Virtual Environments

Tone Mapping in VR Environments -- PDF from EG web
Alexander Hausner, Marc Stamminger, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
The Visualisation and Expression of Virtual 3D Surfaces Explored through Custom Developed Interactive Software, Optically Mixed Coloured Surface Contouring and Fine Art Printmaking -- PDF from EG web
Peter John Lee, University of the Arts, London
A Web-Based Multimedia Virtual Reality Environment for E-Learning -- PDF from EG web
Gavin McArdle, Teresa Monahan, Michela Bertolotto, Eleni Mangina, University College Dublin
Frontier Sets: A Partitioning Scheme to Enable Scalable Virtual Environments -- PDF from EG web
Anthony Steed, Cameron Angus, University College London
A Real Time Light Probe -- PDF from EG web
Jonas Unger, Stefan Gustavson, Linkopings Universitet
Virtual Clay for Direct Hand Manipulation -- PDF from EG web
Guillaume Dewaele, Marie-Paule Cani, GRAVIR/IMAG

Shape Modeling

A Quick and Automatic Image Based Modeling and Rendering System -- PDF from EG web
Keith Yerex, Neil Birkbeck, Martin Jagersand, University of Alberta
A Generic Method for Geometric Contraints Detection -- PDF from EG web
Salvati Marc1, Benoit Le Callennec2, Ronan Boulic2, 1- Tokyo Insitute of Technology, 2-VRLab-EPFL
Realtime Isosurface Extraction with Graphics Hardware -- PDF from EG web
Frank Reck, Germany Carsten Dachsbacher, Marc Stamminger, Gunther Greiner, Roberto Grosso, Lehrstuhl fur Graphische Datenverarbeitung
Procedural Modeling of Mushrooms -- PDF from EG web
Brett Desbenoit, Jerome Grosjean, Eric Galin, LIRIS France
An Oriented Particles and Generalized Spring Model for Fast Prototyping Deformable Objects -- PDF from EG web
IL-KWON JEONG, Inho Lee, Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Insititute
Modeling Cloud Shapes -- PDF from EG web
Antoine Bouthors, Fabrice Neyret, GRAVIR/IMAG-INRIA

Textures and Colors

Packing Square Tiles into One Texture -- PDF from EG web
Philippe Decaudin, Fabrice Neyret, GRAVIR/IMAG-INRIA
A Color Decomposition Method for Preserving Ukiyo-e Woodblocks -- PDF from EG web
Tomokazu Terai1, Shinji Mizuno2, Minoru Okada1, 1-Waseda University 2-Toyohashi University of Technology
Steerable Texture Synthesis -- PDF from EG web
Francesca Taponecco, Marc Alexa, TU Darmstadt Germany
A Spectral Gamut-Mapping Environment with Rendering Parameter Feedback -- PDF from EG web
Ian E. Bell, Ian Bell Consulting, Simon K. Alexander, University of Waterloo
Adaptive Brush Stroke Generation for Painterly Rendering -- PDF from EG web
Youngsup Park ChungAng, Kyunghyun Yoon, University of Korea
Modulating View-dependent Textures -- PDF from EG web
Martin Jagersand1, Dana Cobzas2, Keith Yerex1, 1-University of Alberta 2-INRIA Rhone-Alpes

Animation and Image-Based Technics

Uniform Sampling for Image-based Rendering Shiny Objects -- PDF from EG web
Minglun Gong1, Yee-Hong Yang2 1-Laurentian University 2-University of Alberta
Region Completion in a Single Image -- PDF from EG web
Yunjun Zhang, Jiangjian Xiao, Mubarak Shah, University of Central Florida
SP-Octrees Visualization using impostors -- PDF from EG web
Francisco J. Melero Rus, Pedro Cano Olivares, Juan Carlos Torres Cantero, University of Granada
Visual Model of Fire -- PDF from EG web
Dorota Pszczolkowska, Warsaw University of Technology Poland
Enriching Animation Databases -- PDF from EG web
Ahmed Amr Adel Hassan, Adrian Hilton, Farzin Mokhtarian, University of Surrey
An Interactive Physically-based Animation System for Dense Meshes -- PDF from EG web
Ryo Kondo, Takashi Kanai, Keio University SFC

State of the Art Reports -- STAR Proceedings from EG web(22.8MB)

Principles and Applications of Medical Virtual Environments -- PDF from EG web (6.41 MB)
F. P. Vidal, F. Bello, K. Brodlie, N.W. John, D. Gould, R. Phillips, and N. Avis
Visual Supercomputing Technologies, Applications and Challenges -- PDF from EG web (858 KB)
K Brodlie, J Brooke, M Chen, D Chisnall, A Fewings, C Hughes, N John, M Jones, M Riding, and N. Roard
Acquisition, Synthesis and Rendering of Bidirectional Texture Functions -- PDF from EG web (5.68 MB)
G. Muller, J. Meseth, M. Sattler, R. Sarlette, R. Klein
Classification of Illumination Methods for Mixed Reality -- PDF from EG web (1.57 MB)
Katrien Jacobs and Celine Loscos
Collision Detection for Deformable Objects -- PDF from EG web (5.19 MB)
M. Teschner, S. Kimmerle, B. Heidelberger, G. Zachmann, L. Raghupathi, A. Fuhrmann, M.-P. Cani, F. Faure, N. Magnenat-Thalmann, W. Strasser, and P. Volino
Perceptually Adaptive Graphics -- PDF from EG web (3.03 MB)
Carol O'Sullivan, Sarah Howlett, Yann Morvan, Rachel McDonnell, Keith O'Conor


Simulation of Clothes for Real-time Applications -- PDF from EG web (58.5 MB)
N. Magnenat-Thalmann, F. Cordier, M. Keckeisen, S. Kimmerle, R. Klein, J. Meseth
Multi-resolution Modeling, Visualization and Streaming of Volume Meshes -- PDF from EG web (65.6 MB)
P. Cignoni, L. De Floriani, P. Lindstrom, V. Pascucci, J. Rossignac, C. Silva
Geometric Algebra and its Application to Computer Graphics -- PDF from EG web (3.86 MB)
D. Hildenbrand , D. Fontijne, C. Perwass, L. Dorst
RenderWare: Speed up the 3D Application Production Pipeline -- PDF from EG web (1.63 MB)
Oskar Guilbert
Programming Graphics Hardware -- PDF from EG web (14.3 MB)
Cyril Zeller, Randy Fernando, Matthias Wloka, Mark Harris
Advanced Virtual Medicine: Techniques and Applications for Medicine Oriented Computer Graphics -- PDF from EG web (26.2 MB)
H. Delingette, A. Linney, N. Magnenat-Thalmann, Yin Wu, D. Bartz, M. Hauth, K. Mueller
Automatic Generation of Animated Population in Virtual Environments -- PDF from EG web (1.70 MB)
D. Thalmann, N. Magnenat-Thalmann, S. Donikian
Modern Approaches to Augmented Reality -- PDF from EG web (19.8 MB)
O. Bimber, R. Raskar

tp://">PDF from EG web (19.8 MB)
O. Bimber, R. Raskar