Computer Animation and Social Agents 2004 Papers

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Animation with Emotion/Anticipation

Anticipation for Facial Animation
Jung-Ju Choi, Dong-Sun Kim, In-Kwon Lee
3D Facial Animation with Emotions - An AV based Approach
Jiajun Bu, Mingli Song, Chun Chen
Subjective and Physiological Responses to Emotional Content of Synthesized Speech
Mirja Ilves, Veikko Surakka
Building embodied agents that experience and express emotions: A football supporter as an example
The Duy Bui, Dirk Heylen, Anton Nijholt

Motion Control I

A Coherent Locomotion Engine Extrapolating Beyond Experimental Data
Pascal Glardon, Ronan Boulic, Daniel Thalmann
Two-Step Evolution Process for Path-Following Virtual Creatures
Yoon Sik Shim, Seung Yeong Shin, Chang-Hun Kim
Step/stance planning and hit-point repositioning in martial arts choreography
Weidong Geng, Yan Huang, Yunhe Pan, Mingfai Chan, Gino Yu, Roy Horan
Inverse kinematics for the calculation of plausible bipedal locomotion using anthropological knowledge
Guillaume Nicolas, Franck Multon, Gilles Berillon

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

An Innovative Approach To A Free-Hand 6D-Mouse
Pasqualino Ferrentino, Gianni Viano, Filippo Passaggio
An Immersive Environment Using a Multi-projector Clustered System
Hunjoo Lee, Kijong Byun
A Message-Based Framework for Real-World Mobility Simulations
Christian Gloor, Kai Nagel
NEXUS: Mixed Reality Experiments with Embodied Intentional Agents
Gregory OHare, Brian Duffy
Simple Augmented Reality using Planar Homographies from Uncalibrated Image Sequences
Juwan Kim, Byungtae Jang
Interactive animation of cities over time
Paul DiLorenzo, Victor B. Zordan, Duong Tran

Crowd Animation

PetroSim: An Architecture to Manage Virtual Crowds in Panic Situations
Leandro Motta Barros, Andre Tavares, Soraia Raupp Musse
XML scripting and images for specifying behavior of virtual characters and crowds
Isaac Rudomin, Erik Millan
Motion Level of Detail: A Simplification Method on Crowd Scene (Project)
Junghyun Ahn, Kwangyun Wohn


2-D Shape Blending based on Visual Feature Decomposition
Wenwu Yang, Jieqing Feng, Xiaogang Jin, Qunsheng Peng, Robin Forrest
Skeleton-Driven 2D Mesh Morphing with Controllable Topological Transition
Wu-Jun Che, Shi-min Hu, Ralph Martin
Real-time Silhouette Extraction Using Hierarchical Face Clusters
Soon Ki Jung, Soon Il Kwon, Ku-Jin Kim

Invited Paper

On-line Motion Blending for Real-time Locomotion Generation
Sang Il Park, Hyun Joon Shin, Tae-hoon Kim, and Sung Yong Shin

Deformable Objects

HapticFlow: PDE-based mesh editing with haptics
Ye Duan, Jing Hua, Hong Qin
Fast Hierarchical Simulation of Cloth and Deformable Objects using an Optimal Pyramidal Representation
Konstantinos Moustakas, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Michael G. Strintzis
A Framework for User Control on Stylised Animation of Gaseous Phenomena
Fabian Di Fiore, Johan Claes, Frank Van Reeth

Avatar Modelling

Analysis of Human Shape Variation Using Volumetric Techniques
Zouhour Ben Azouz, Marc Rioux, Chang Shu, Richard Lepage
Modeling human affective postures: an information theoretic characterization of posture features
P. Ravindra De Silva, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze
Modeling Hair Influenced by Water and Styling Products
Kelly Ward, Nico Galoppo, Ming C. Lin


Robust Morphing of Point-sampled Geometry
Chunxia Xiao, Wenting Zheng, Qunsheng Peng, Robin Forrest
Morphing Based on Strain Field Interpolation
Han-Bing Yan, Shi-min Hu, Ralph Martin
Video Metamorphosis using Dense Flow Fields
Yizhou Yu, Qing Wu


A Measure for Mesh Compression of Time-Variant Geometry (Project)
Prasun Mathur, Chhavi Upadhyay, Parag Chaudhuri, Prem Kalra
Mesh-free Deformations
Jian Chang, Jian J Zhang
A Moving Planar Mirror Based Approach for Cultural Reconstruction
Kyung Ho Jang, Dong Hoon Lee, Soon Ki Jung

Interaction/Human-Computer Interaction

A Viscous Paint Model for Interactive Applications
William Baxter, Yuanxin Liu, Ming C. Lin
Generalized God-Objects: a Paradigm for Interacting with Physically-Based Virtual Worlds
Philippe Meseure, Julien Lenoir, Sylvere Fonteneau, Chaillou Christophe
Geometry-Driven Physical Interaction between Avatars and Virtual Environments
Harald Schmidl, Ming C. Lin
Using Collaborative Interactive Objects and Animation to Enable Dynamic Interactions in Collaborative Virtual Environment
Pieter Jorissen, Maarten Wijnants, Wim Lamotte
The Virtual Interaction Panel: An Easy Control Tool in Augmented Reality Systems (Project)
Miaolong Yuan, Soh Khim Ong, Andrew Nee
Affection for cohabitant toy dolls
Naoko Matsumoto, Akifumi Tokosumi

Medical Applications

Real-time Interactive Volumetric Animation of the Heart¡¦s Electrical Cycle from Automatically Synchronized ECG
John Ryan, Carol O'Sullivan, Christopher Bell
Virtual investigation of pulmonary airways in volumetric computed tomography
Diane Perchet, Catalin Fetita, Laurence Vial, Francoise Preteux, Gabriela Sbirlea-Apiou, Marc Thiriet
Hip Joint Reconstruction and Motion Visualization Using MRI and Optical Motion Capture
Lydia Yahia-Cherif, Benjamin Gilles, Tom Molet, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
A Hybrid Condensed Finite Element Model with GPU Acceleration for Interactive 3D Soft Tissue Cutting
Wen Wu
Toward Anthropometrics Simulation of Face Rejuvenation and Skin Cosmetic
Azam Bastantard, O.Bastanfard, H. Takahashi, M. Nakajima

Autonomous Agents

An Artificial Life Environment for Autonomous Virtual Agents with multi-sensorial and multi-perceptive features
Toni Conde, Daniel Thalmann
Autonomous Agents Interacting With Their Virtual Environment Through Synoptic Objects
Marwan Badawi, Stephane Donikian
Autonomous Agents with Multiple Foci of Attention in Virtual Environments
Jorge Torres, Luciana P. Nedel, Rafael H. Bordini

Behavioural Animation

Improved Behavioral Animation Through Regression
Jonathan Dinerstein, Parris K. Egbert
Behavior Programming of Autonomous Characters based on Probabilistic Automata and Personality
Luca Chittaro, Milena Serra
Behavior Development through Task Oriented Discourse
John Lee, Andrew Williams

Expressive Face

Autonomous Speaker Agent
Karlo Smid, Igor Pandzic, Viktorija Radman
Expressive Audio-Visual Speech
Elisabetta Bevacqua, Catherine Pelachaud
Automatic Dynamic Expression Synthesis for Speech Animation
Zhigang Deng, Murtaza Bulut, Ulrich Neumann, Shri Narayanan
The role of image size in the recognition of conversational facial expressions (Abstract)
Douglas Cunningham, Manfred Nusseck, Christian Wallraven, Heinrich Bulthoff
Automatic Facial Expression Analysis using Retargeted Optical Flow
Cindy Fang, Yoshihisa Shinagawa
Realistic Modeling of Animatable Faces in MPEG-4
Marco Fratarcangeli, Marco Schaerf

Motion Control II

Intuitive Parametric Synthesis of Human Animation Sequences
Amr Ahmed, Adrian Hilton, Farzin Mokhtarian
Pairwise-Distance Based Method for Animation Matching and Stitching
Piperakis Romanos, Saito Suguru, Nakajima Masayuki
Tai Chi Synthesizer: A Motion Synthesis Framework Based on Key-postures and Motion Instructions
Shih-Pin Chao, Chih-Yi Chiu, Shi-Nine Yang, Tsang-Gang Lin
Example-Based Motion Cloning (Technical Report)
Min Je Park, Sung Yong Shin
Editing Noise
Jong-Chul Yoon, In-Kwon Lee, Jung-Ju Choi
Animated People Textures
Bhrigu Celly, Victor B. Zordan

Natural Phenomena

A parametric model for real-time flickering fire
Neeharika Adabala, Charles E Hughes
Real-time Simulation of Wind-driven Snow Scene (Movie)
Changbo Wang, Zhangye Wang, Tian Xia, Qunsheng Peng
Physically-Based Simulation of Plant Leaf Growth (Project)
Iris R. Wang, Justin W.L. Wan, Gladimir V.G. Baranoski

Fluid Animation + Control

Inviscid and Incompressible Fluid Simulation on Triangle Meshes
Lin Shi, Yizhou Yu
Controlling Fluid Animation with Geometric Potential
Jeong-mo Hong, Chang-Hun Kim
Interaction of Fluids with Deformable Solids
Matthias Muller, Simon Schirm, Matthias Teschner, Bruno Heidelberger, Markus Gross
Modeling and Rendering Viscous Liquids
Kevin Steele, David Cline, Parris K. Egbert, Jonathan Dinerstein


Real-time Rendering of Dynamic Objects in Dynamic, Low-frequency Lighting Environments
Ruifeng Xu, Sumanta Pattanaik, Charles E Hughes
Combining light animation with obscurances for glossy environments
Alex Mendez, Mateu Sbert
HW3D: A tool for interactive real-time 3D visualization in GIS supported flood modelling
Jan Bender, Dieter Finkenzeller, Peter Oel
Shape and Texture Preserved Non-photorealistic Rendering
Haitao Wang, Jian J Zhang, Stan Z. Li, Yangsheng Wang

Motion Tracking

Automated Markerless Extraction of Walking People Using Deformable Contour Models
David Wagg, Mark S Nixon
Level-of-Detail Canny Edge Based Routing for Object Contour Tracking
Jihun Park, Tae-Yong Kim, Sung Hun Park
Human Motion Reconstruction from Monocular Images Using Genetic Algorithms
Jianhui Zhao, Ling Li
Human Motion Reconstruction and Animation from Video Sequences
Fabio Remondino, Andreas Roditakis