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Social and Conversational Agents

Towards a Simulation of Conversations with Expressive Embodied Speakers and Listeners
Thomas Rist, Markus Schmitt, Catherine Pelachaud, Massimo Bilvi
Crafting the Illusion of Meaning: Template-based Specification of Embodied Conversational Behavior
Matthew Stone, Doug DeCarlo
Language-driven nonverbal communication in a bilingual conversational agent
Scott A. King, Alistair Knott, Brendan McCane
How Believable Are Real Faces? Towards a Perceptual Basis for Conversational Animation
Douglas W. Cunningham, Martin Breidt, Mario Kleiner, Christian Wallraven, Heinrich H. Bulthoff

Physics-Based Animation

Improvements on a simple muscle-based 3D face for realistic facial expressions
The Duy Bui, Dirk Heylen, Anton Nijholt
Modeling Hair Using Level-of-Detail Representations
Kelly Ward, Ming C. Lin, Joohi Lee, Susan Fisher, Dean Macri
Bi-Layered Mass-Spring Model for Fast Deformations of Flexible Linear Bodies
Thomas Di Giacomo, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Melting and Flowing of Viscous Volumes
Xiaoming Wei, Wei Li, Arie Kaufman
ElasticPaint: A Particle System for Feature Mapping with Minimum Distortion
Christopher Carner, Hong Qin

Interaction, Control and Planning

A procedural approach to animate interactive natural sceneries
Sylvain Guerraz, Frank Perbet, David Raulo, Fran¸cois Faure, Marie-Paule Cani
Expressive Gesture Animation Based on Non Parametric Learning of Sensory-Motor Models
Pierre-Francois Marteau, Sylvie Gibet Valoria
Real-time Reach Planning for Animated Characters Using Hardware Acceleration
Ying Liu, Norman I. Badler
Realistic Human Walking Paths
David C. Brogan, Nicholas L. Johnson

AI-based Animation and Alife

XSTEP: A Markup Language for Embodied Agents
Zhisheng Huang, Anton Eliens, Cees Visser
Bottom-Up Visual Attention for Virtual Human Animation
Christopher Peters, Carol O'Sullivan
Agent Chameleons: Agent Minds and Bodies
Brian R. Duffy, Gregory M.P. O'Hare1, Alan N. Martin, John F. Bradley, Bianca Schoen
Modeling Virtual Ecosystems with the Proactive Guidance of Agents
Bedrich Benes, Enrique David Espinosa

Modeling of Groups and Crowds

Inserting Synthetic Characters into Live-Action Crowd Scenes
Arunachalam Somasundaram, Rick Parent
Modeling Individual Behaviors in Crowd Simulation
Adriana Braun, Soraia R. Musse, Luiz P. L. de Oliveira, Bardo E. J. Bodmann
Reactive Pedestrian Path Following From Examples
Ronald A. Metoyer, Jessica K. Hodgins

Design Issues in Games and Virtual Environments

Satisfying the Perceived Need for Free-Play in Pedagogically Oriented Interactive Dramas
Barry G. Silverman, Michael Johns, Ransom Weaver
Conceptual, Communicative and Pragmatic Aspects of Interaction Forms - Rich Interaction Model for Collaborative Virtual Environments
Tony Manninen

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