Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization 2007

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ACM Digital Library: Proceedings of the 4th symposium on Applied perception in graphics and visualization

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Faces and Animation

Virtual Shapers & Movers: Form and Motion affect Sex Perception ACM DOI Author version
Rachel McDonnell, Sophie Joerg, Jessica Hodgins, Fiona Newell, Carol O'Sullivan
Psychophysical Investigation of Facial Expressions Using Computer Animated Faces ACM DOI Author version
Rita Griesser, Douglas W. Cunningham, Christian Wallraven, Heinrich.H. Bülthoff
Using 3D Computer Graphics for Perception: The Role of Local and Global Information in Face Processing ACM DOI Author version
Adrian Schwaninger, S. Schumacher, Christian Wallraven, Heinrich.H. Bülthoff
Perception and Prediction of Simple Object Interactions ACM DOI Author version
Manfred Nusseck, Roland Fleming, Julien Lagarde, Benoît Hardy, Heinrich.H. Bülthoff

Virtual Environments

Distance Estimation in Virtual and Real Environments Using Bisection ACM DOI
Bobby Bodenheimer, Jingjing Meng, Haojie Wu, Gayathri Narasimham, Bjoern Rump, Timothy McNamara, Thomas Carr, John Rieser
Exploring Large Virtual Environments with an HMD when Physical Space is Limited ACM DOI
Betsy Williams, Gayathri Narasimham, Bjoern Rump, Timothy McNamara, Thomas Carr, John Rieser Bobby Bodenheimer
On the Empirical Limits of Billboard Rotation ACM DOI Author version
Elodie Fourquet, William Cowan, Stephen Mann

Rendering and Surfaces I

A Roughness Measure for 3D Mesh Visual Masking ACM DOI Author version
Guillaume Lavoué
A Perceptual Approach to Trimming Unstructured Lumigraphs ACM DOI Author version
Yann Morvan, Carol O'Sullivan
2½D Texture Mapping: Real-Time Perceptual Surface Roughening ACM DOI Author version
Sylvia Pont, Pradeep Sen, Pat Hanrahan

Rendering and Surfaces II

On Seeing and Rendering Colour Gradients ACM DOI
Alexa Ruppertsberg, Anya Hurlbert, Marina Bloj
A Perceptive Evaluation of Volume Rendering Techniques ACM DOI Project
Christian Boucheny, Georges-Pierre Bonneau, Jacques Droulez, Guillaume Thibault, Stéphane Ploix
Is Accurate Occlusion of Glossy Reflections Necessary? ACM DOI Author version
Oscar Kozlowski, Jan Kautz
Distortion in 3D Shape Estimation with Changes in Illumination ACM DOI Author version
Franck Caniard, Roland Fleming

Images and Displays

Hybrid Image-/Model-Based Gaze-Contingent Rendering ACM DOI Author version
Hunter Murphy, Andrew Duchowski
Psychophysics for Perception of (In)determinate Art ACM DOI Author version
Christian Wallraven, K. Kaulard, C. Kurner, R. Pepperell, Heinrich.H. Bülthoff
A Statistical Approach for Image Difficulty Estimation in X-Ray Screening ACM DOI Author version
Adrian Schwaninger, Anton Bolfing, Stefan Michel

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