Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization 2006

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ACM Digital Library: Proceedings of the 3rd symposium on Applied perception in graphics and visualization

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Virtual Environments I

The influence of feedback on egocentric distance judgments in real and virtual environments ACM DOI
Betty Mohler, Sarah H. Creem-Regehr, William Thompson
Minification influences spatial judgments in virtual environments ACM DOI
Scott Kuhl, William Thompson, Sarah H. Creem-Regehr
Updating Orientation in Large Virtual Environments Using Scaled Translational Gain ACM DOI Project
Betsy Williams, Gayathri Narasimham, Thomas Carr, Timothy McNamara, John Rieser, Bobby Bodenheimer
Discrimination and Estimation of Time-to-Contact for Approaching Traffic Using a Desktop Environment ACM DOI Project
Elizabeth Seward, Daniel Ashmead, Bobby Bodenheimer

Visual Perception

Categorization of natural scenes: local vs. global information ACM DOI Author version
Julia Vogel, Adrian Schwaninger, Christian Wallraven, Heinrich Bülthoff
Evaluation of Supra-threshold Perceptual Metrics for 3D Models ACM DOI Author version
Ioan Cleju, Dietmar Saupe

Virtual Environments II

Perception of Image Motion During Head Movement ACM DOI Project
Li Li, Bernard Edelstein, Stephen Ellis
A Comparison of Immersive HMD, Fish Tank VR and Fish Tank with Haptics Displays for Visualization ACM DOI Author version
Wen Qi, Russell M. Taylor II, Christopher G. Healey, Jean-Bernard Martens
Large Displays Enhance Spatial Knowledge of a Virtual Environment ACM DOI Author version
Jonathan Bakdash, Jason Augustyn, Dennis Proffitt

Color and Contrast

Color Perception of 3D Objects: Constancy with Respect to Variation of Surface Gloss ACM DOI Author version
Bei Xiao, David Brainard
Contrast Enhancement of Images Using Human Contrast Sensitivity ACM DOI Author version
Aditi Majumder, Sandy Irani

Faces and Gestures

Semantic 3D Motion Retargeting for Facial Animation ACM DOI Author version
Cristobal Curio, Martin Breidt, Mario Kleiner, Quoc Vuong, Martin Giese, Heinrich Bülthoff
The Evaluation of Stylized Facial Expressions ACM DOI Author version
Christian Wallraven, Jan Fischer, Douglas Cunningham, Dirk Bartz, Heinrich Bülthoff

Visualization I

Stevens Dot Patterns for 2D Flow Visualization ACM DOI Author version
Laura Tateosian, Brent Dennis, Christopher Healey
3D Contour Perception for Flow Visualization ACM DOI
Colin Ware
Motion Coding for Pattern Detection ACM DOI
Colin Ware, Robert Bobrow
Enhancing Interactive Particle Visualization with Advanced Shading Models ACM DOI Author version
Christiaan Gribble, Steven Parker

Visualization II

Effects of 2D Geometric Transformations on Visual Memory ACM DOI Author version
Heidi Lam, Ronald Rensink, Tamara Munzner

Realistic Rendering

Verification of Rendering Quality from Measured BTFs ACM DOI Author version
Jan Meseth, Gero Müller, Reinhard Klein, Florian Röder, Michael Arnold
Efficient Selective Rendering of Participating Media ACM DOI Author version
Oscar Anson, Veronica Sunstedt, Diego Gutierrez, Alan Chalmers

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