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Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization 2004

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Session: Virtual Environments I - Locomotion

Spatial updating in real and virtual environments - contribution and interaction of visual and vestibular cues ACM DOI Author version Project
Riecke, B.E., M. von der Heyde, Heinrich H. Bulthoff
Visual Motion Influences Locomotion in a Treadmill Virtual Environment ACM DOI Author version
Betty J. Mohler, William B. Thompson, Sarah Creem-Regehr, Herbert L. Pick, Jr., William H. Warren, Jr., John J. Reiser, Peter Willemsen
Recalibration of Rotational Locomotion in Immersive Virtual Environments ACM DOI Author version
Scott Kuhl

Session: Virtual Environments II - Distance and Latency Perception

Distance Perception in Real and Virtual Environments ACM DOI Author version
Jodie M. Plumert, Joseph K. Kearney, James F. Cremer
The Effects of Head-Mounted Display Mechanics on Distance Judgments in Virtual Environments ACM DOI Author version
Peter Willemsen, Mark B. Colton, Sarah Creem-Regehr, William B. Thompson
Perceptual Sensitivity to Head Tracking Latency in Virtual Environments with Varying Degrees of Scene Complexity ACM DOI Author version
Katerina Mania, Bernard D. Adelstein, Stephen R. Ellis, Michael I. Hill

Session: Rendering I - Detecting Details

A Feasibility Test for Perceptually Adaptive Level of Detail Rendering on Desktop Systems ACM DOI Author version
Derrick Parkhurst, Ernst Niebur
An Experimental Approach to Predicting Saliency for Simplified Polygonal ACM DOI Author version
Sarah Howlett, John Hamil, Carol O'Sullivan
Perceptual Invariance of Nonlinear Focus+Context Transformations ACM DOI Project
Keith Lau, Ronald A. Rensink, Tamara Munzner
Vision Realistic Rendering: Simulation of the Scanned Foveal Image from Wavefront Data of Human Subjects ACM DOI
Brian A. Barsky

Session: Rendering II - Image Characteristics

Subband Encoding of High Dynamic Range Imagery ACM DOI Project
Gregory Ward, Maryann Simmons
Example-Based Color Stylization Based on Categorical Perception ACM DOI Project
Youngha Chang, Suguru Saito, Keiji Uchikawa, Masayuki Nakajima
Second Order Image Statistics in Computer Graphics ACM DOI Author version
Erik Reinhard, Peter Shirley, Michael Ashikhmin, Tom Troscianko

Session: Objects I - Shape Perception

Effects of rendering on shape perception in automobile design ACM DOI Author version
James A. Ferwerda, Stephen H. Westin, Randall C. Smith, Richard Pawlicki
What do reflections tell us about the shape of a mirror? ACM DOI Author version
Silvio Savarese, Li Fei-Fei, Pietro Perona
Conveying Three-Dimensional Shape with Texture ACM DOI Author version
Sunghee Kim, Haleh Hagh-Shenas, Victoria Interrante

Session: Objects II - Visual and Haptic Properties

Perceiving Translucent Materials ACM DOI Author version
Roland W. Fleming, Henrik Wann Jensen, Heinrich H. Bulthoff
A Perceptually-Inspired Force Model for Haptic Texture Rendering ACM DOI Project
Miguel A. Otaduy, Ming C. Lin
Frames of Reference in Virtual Object Rotation ACM DOI
Colin Ware, Roland Arsenault

Session: Facial Animation and Vision Realistic Rendering

The components of conversational facial expressions ACM DOI Author version
Douglas W. Cunningham, Mario Kleiner, Heinrich H. Bulthoff, Christian Wallraven
Towards Perceptually Realistic Talking Heads: Models, Methods and McGurk ACM DOI Author version
Darren Cosker, David Marshall, Paul L. Rosin, Susan Paddock, Simon Rushton

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